Should Students have their phones during school?

Ever since phones came to the world teachers have been strict to students to not have their phones in their backpack or pocket over the years. Some schools don’t even let their phones go into the classroom and they have to put their phone in their lockers. Today, the widespread use of cell phones in society and among teens has pushed districts to examine general bans. Most now allow students to carry cell phones with them to school but have put policies in place that limit their use to varying degrees during the school day. 

Some districts differ most notably in their approach to the use of cell phones in the classroom and the extent to which there are various parts that are linked up together into a phone which is what we have now. Some people who oppose allowing cell phones in the classroom argue that they cause a distraction in the class and can also be used for things like cheating, but the people that support cell phones in the classroom point to the educational potential of this tech, which allows students to solve math problems, take class notes, create digital media for projects depending on the class, and among other things. Also the phones don’t belong to the schools and that the students shouldn’t have to put their phones up since it’s their own property. 

In my opinion, I think that students shouldn’t put their phones in their locker or in a pouch depending on what school you go to and they should have their phone in their pocket or backpack and they use it for when they need it for class and they can handle it too. I also think that they shouldn’t put their phone in their locker or pouches because it’s their property and some people will be mad and that they shouldn’t put their phones up since it’s their property.


Should students have their phone during class?

Does it help the student work in class better?

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  • Good topic choice and well done! Be sure t comment on three different days.

  • I think that kids should be able to have their phones in school becasue you need it for emergnecy you dont need to get it before you leave the class room and if someone else doesn't have one then you have yours to call someone if needed.

    • I agree with you because if there is a emergency then you can contact whoever you want to and see what they can do.

  • I think students should be able to have their phones unless they are being on it and playing games when they aren't supposed to. If they are texting a friend you can ask them to finish their conversation and maybe have them put it up for the class period but not take it. Some kids pay for their phones and their parents can't even take it. Teachers are on their phones in class texting but when we do, and it may actually be important we get punished.

    • I agree with you because some teachers can be on their phone texting people but if we do it then we'll get in trouble

  • I think that having your phone during class could be a good thing at times but a bad thing at times because it can be a distraction. It can be good as it is something to keep you ocupied while you are waiting for others to finish up on their work. It could be a distraction though.

    • I agree with you because it can used as a distraction and it can be used for other things that can help the student.

  • I think students should have the option to keep their phones during class unless they are using them when they aren't supposed to be. I think the cell phone pouch could be used as a punishment instead of a requirement if a teacher catches you being on your phone during class. 

    • I agree with you because the students will try to use them when they're not supposed to and if you get caught then you should put it in the phone pouch.

  • I think that students should have there phones during class because it does nothing and if you aren't following the rules that are in place then you can get it taken away or have it put up. I think that having it just reassures some people when they have there phone in there pocket rather as having it in a pouch.

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