Should students have assigned seats in school?

Most classes in school have assigned seats so students don't talk a lot or get distracted. It turns out that it could be benificial for students to sit where they want to sit. Sitting by someone you like can give you more confidence to raise your hand and ask questions. A teacher, Mrs. Umland, said "if kids are happy and comfortable, they are more willing to learn". Shes been teaching for 19 years and said she'll never go back to seating charts. If students could pick where they sit then they can sit where they can see the board easily depending on how good their eyesight is and it doesn't make the teacher have to fix the seating chart. Students could get assigned to sit by someone they dislike and it can be uncomfortable for both of the students.

Although, in the beginning of the school year its benificial for teachers to have assigned seats. Its easier to remember students names because you can look at the seating chart. There are kids who like to talk a lot so letting them sit wherever they want could also distract them and other students. It can be harder for students to learn that way if they sit by their friends. If your seating charts are alphebetical then its easier to turn in grades. When papers are in alphebetical order teachers can enter in grades easier. Seating charts can be good for teachers because if theres a kid who doesn't like to listen or does things they're not supposed to then the teacher could move the student closer to their desk. Some students might not know who to sit next to and see everyone else has someone to sit by except them. Letting them choose where to sit can be stressful for the student.


Do you like assigned seating?

Do you think there should be assigned seating?

Why should/ shouldn't students have assigned seats?



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  • Good job overall Mallory!! You could have replied a few more times.

  • I don't like the idea of assigned seating. I understand if a group of people always sit and talk together and disrupt the class, but then separate the obnoxious students afterward. I think that having the students be able to choose where they sit would be better for the kids.

  • In my personal opinion, I do think we should have assigned seating in classrooms at school. Although I personally may not like it and do wish that we could choose where we sit, I fully understand the reasoning behind having assigned seating. 

  • I think it can go both ways. With different scenarios, there are many reason that they should be enforced and should not. There are definietly studies that prove that with assigned seats less bullying takes place and more friends are made. I personally don't enjoy it.

  • I don't like assigned seating, I think it's boring if you aren't sitting by anyone you know very well or your friends. I don't think there should be assigned seating. We shouldn't have assigned seats because most of us have our friends by now and we know how to be social and make new ones, and we're also getting older and when we're adults there won't be assigned seating for everything. 

  • I don't like assigned seating but I still think it should be required because if we were to sit by our friends I feel like some students would feel left out, or students wouldn't pay attention because they would be visiting with their friends during class.

  • I personally don't like assigned seating, because I can't talk to who I want, and I don't like that. I think we should be able to pick our own seats because no one wants to sit by random people. I would enjoy my classes so much more if I could sit by who I wanted.

  • I think that assigned seats can be good or bad depending on where you sit but why would you leave it up to chance to decide if someone learns well why not just have them sit next to people they know they sit and work well with instead of having the teacher choose or even worse have a random generator pick it.

  • I don't like assigned seating because I like to sit close by my friends. It makes the class more fun if you are sitting close to people that you like and I also feel more comfortable. I can understand if teachers have a seating chart when the class would be too loud otherwise. 

    • I agree, it would be nice to be able to sit by friends. I also understand that it could be overwhelming for the teacher though. 

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