Everyday students get told they should do something extra with the school, whether that be sports, band, student council, ect. Most students would agree that doing an extracurricular activity is good. So the question is do you think students should be required to do an extracurricular activity?


Most studies show that doing extra activities can help improve your behavior, academic ability, and have more positive attitudes. Although most teenage students have jobs and chores outside of school they still are involved with a lot of things. Most staff at schools push you to do something helping the school. 


Many students would agree with taking extra curricular activities but they do not think it should be required. Studies also show that being involved more with the school can give you more social opportunities, help you have essential life skills, and it looks good on your resume. 


As a student, I think being more involved in your school helps you do better in school and make more friends. Overall it’s just an easier way to embrace yourself through your school?


Do you think students should be required to take extra curricular activities?


Do you think it helps with social skills? 



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  • Good topic choice Audrey! I so think your summary is brief overall and you could have replied more frequently as well. 

  • I personally do not think that it should be required for students to participate in an extracurricular activity. But, I do think that it should be highly encouraged by the school administration. I think that participating in an extracurricular activity is great for improving students' social skills. 

  • I dont think that students should have to take an extra curricular activity. It should be highly encouraged, it can help you make friends and it can also help with your mental health. It can help you clear your head if you are in a sport that you enjoy. 

  • I don't think that students should be forced to take an extra curricular activitiy. I think that it helps students make more friends and spend time with friends or new friends, i probably would encourage people to join something. But sometimes students have to work right after school but if you don't have to work then you should join something that you enjoy.

  • I don't that that students should be forced to have to be in a extra curricular activitiy. In my opion it is a great way to make good friends and spend time with your friends, I would highly encourage you to join something. Don't just go home and sit on your couch or bed get up and do something you enjoy. 

  • I don't think that students should be forced into taking an extracurricular activity, but I think it should be highly encouraged. I believe that extracurricular activites are beneficial for students, and I think it can help with social skills, so all students should consider it.

    • I agree with you, I don't think the staff should worse the students but I do think it should be highly encouraged. It could be very beneficial for the students and it very likely would help with social skills. 

  • I believe that students should be able to take an extra curricular activites. I think this because it helps with meeting to new people and maybe it could release your stress that you have. I do think that it helps with you social life because it help with making new friends.

  • I do not think that schools should require an extra curricular activity. As someone who has a huge involvement in an activity not tied to the school, I think that having an activity outside of school is still important, but the school requiring an activity is just an extra added stress on students. Students should be able to explore different activities outside of school, and not be required to do something they aren't interested in.

  • I don't think that it should be required if you want to take a class then you don't have to take one. it's up to you some people don't have the energy to do extra activities some people have a lot more to deal with so If you want then yeah take one if not then don't 

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