Should students be required to take at least 2 years of foreign language classes to graduate high school? Within Harlan Community School, you are not formally required to take any foreign language classes to graduate. But a question that could be posed within the school is, is it worth forcing students to take these classes?

I think overall there are some positives and negatives to this idea. The positive that is shown after requiring these classes is the increase in knowledge overall. Students who take foreign language classes usually end up being more advanced in other classes due to the heightened knowledge of another language. Another benefit is that students who take a foreign language and stick with it can get better jobs and better opportunities in the long run. Some students may eventually find it easier to get a better job with an even higher pay rate due to the ability to speak another language. The last pro I will mention is the fact that if you even start it earlier, as in elementary school, it widens a younger student's brain and makes their knowledge more flexible. 

Contrary to the pros of this idea. Some cons come along with this requirement. One of them is that forcing a student to take a foreign language may take away from a student within the classroom who wants to be there and is eager to take on the challenge of learning a new language. It takes away some one-on-one time with those who are striving for achievements such as their seal of biliteracy. Another con is that along with requiring a student to take a class, you are bound to have more students failing the class than if the class was chosen. Students are more likely to try a class if they have chosen to take it off their free will. 

Overall I think that both the positive and negative reasons are reasonable. But, in the end, I think that it is better to not require it. I feel like the students who want to push themselves and strive for a better future will choose to take on the challenge of a foreign language. So to sum it up, I believe we should keep it as a non-required elective.,academic%20progress%20in%20other%20subjects. 


Do you think we should have to take 2 years of foreign language to graduate?

Are you in a foreign language right now?

Do you think they should start teaching younger kids different languages?

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  • Super job!!

  • Personally, I believe that you should not take 2 years of foreign language. I think that it should only be required if you going to leave the country and get a job outside the country besides that I think it should not be required.

  • I do not beleive that studnets shpuld have to take a forgin class, there is no use in a launge that is not needed since we do not all speak sapnish or are around that languge. your college should not depend on you haveing 2 or more years of langue.

  • I don't think anyone should be required to take 2 years of foreign language. I am not taking a foreign language, so it won't be beneficial for me. I don't think they should have to force kids to take a foreign language that are younger. 

  • I don't personally think that anybody should have to be required to take two years of a foreign language to graduate, and it should be an option to take that class. Although it is beneficial for some people and their plans for after highschool, I am currently in Spanish three right now. 

  • I don't think that foreign language classes should be required for high school students but would help them out probably a lot in the future. Especially with some of the jobs that people are going to do. I think that it should only be highly suggested.

    • I think it can deffinetly benifit students in the future if they take at least 2 years, but I don't think everyone needs to take it.

  • I don't think that you shoud have to take 2 years of foregin language to graduate because some people that don't need to have to 2 years of foreign language graduate.You don't need foregin language to go to colleges.

    • You do need 2 years of foregin languages to get into some colleges, not all but some. So for that reason I think if you want to go to college you should take at least 2 years.

  • I think that students should have at least one year of a foreign language to graduate. If they don't and go into a field that uses it (lots do), they may not be able to communicate with people that they should be able to communicate with.

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