Should Standardized Tests be Eliminated?


Standardized tests have been around since the mid 1800s, but do they actually give us an accurate view on students progress? Many people say no. Standardized tests such as the ACT and SAT are normally taken during your sophomore and junior years of high school, and they are used on college applications and scholarship applications. Many students believe that both of these tests only show which students are good at taking tests, not what they actually know. The ACT and SAT tests take about 3 hours to complete, and many teenagers can’t stay focused for this long with few breaks. During both of these tests, the students get 3 five minute breaks, which many students say is not near enough time to give their minds a break.


Another standardized test that many people believe should be banned is the ISASP. This test takes a lot of learning time away from students, and there are many other ways to gauge if a child is improving in the classroom. If many students score badly on the ISASP test, it can lead to that school district receiving less money. The schools are then forced to lay off students, which means that those students aren’t getting the help they might need in the classroom. There are many instances of schools letting kids cheat on these tests so they don’t get less money in the coming year.


All in all, there are many arguments against standardized testing as a whole. Many school districts have pushed to get rid of standardized testing, but since the government regulates this testing, they have no choice. Each state is required to administer testing for reading, language arts, and math for grades 3-8 and at least one time in high school. They are also required to give out the science test once in elementary school, once in middle school, and once in high school. Personally, I don’t think the ACT, SAT, and ISASP tests have much of a benefit on students. If anything, it causes more stress on the students, because if they don’t score well it can keep them from getting scholarships or getting into college. I also think that making 3rd graders take standardized tests is not beneficial at all, and it takes away from their time in the classroom.


Do you think that standardized tests should be eliminated?


Do you think that 3rd grade is too young to be giving standardized tests?,9%2C%20and%2010%2D12.

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  • Great topic choice and super job overall Lauren! +4 for 2nd place and +5 for new topic.

  • I don't think that standardized tests should be eliminated because of the fact that they can be used to see how much you have learned and remember. By using them you can now teach what isn't remembered by the students. I do think that 3rd grade is too young to be given standardized tests.

  • I think that 3rd grade may be a little early to be taking standerdized tests. However, I don't think that that means we should get rid of these tests entirely. I personally feel a boost to do better academically when I see my scores even though they aren't the perfect measurement of intelligence.

  • In my personal opinion, I do not believe that standerdized testing should be completely eliminated from schools. Although, I do not fully believe that they are a great way of measuring intelligence, I do think that they are very good tools to track a students progress through the years.

  • I think that these test are good, it keeps you on record for the rest of your life. You can look back and see how you did and what skill you were the best and worst at. I think they should keep the test and 3rd grade is the best for them to start the test.

  • I do not think that standardized tests should be eliminated because they can be good at tracking progress. However, there are some people who aren't good test takers, so the data won't be 100% accurate. I think that they should stay, but third grade is too young.

  • I do not think that standardized test should be eliminated because it is a great way to track your progress through school. I think that third grade is the perfect age to start them because that is when you should really start to track what you know/ don't know. It can help teachers know what they need to teach and what their students don't know.

    • I see your point, but I still think that 3rd grade is way too young, because many kids won't try or they physically can't stay focused for that long.

  • I don't think the results from standardized tests are very accurate because some kids are not the best test takers, and the anxiety and nerves gets to them. I think hands on learning is a better way to make sure kids are actually understanding what they're learning. 

    • I agree that learning hands on can help a student understand the material way better.

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