should the semester test be changed?

every year in school we have semester test and years before we would always have open campus and be just fine. our new principal is making it so freshman and sophomores will not have open campus. 



every school has semester test and have there way of doing it. Our schools way was just fine. We had more time in between classes and were able to sit longer or even go somewhere for lunch. this year if it does go to the new way no one is going to like it. We only have 5 minutes in between classes and would not have any time to study. classes are longer when usually people get done way before the hour. lunch is only 35 min long and that still would be not enough time to study. If you have a D or an F in any class you will have to come friday for the make up day. the make up day was usually for people who missed the days before and need to come take the test.



In my opinion I think that we should just stay how we have been doing it and it will be better for the kids and teachers.



Do you think our semester test schedule should change? why or why not?

how would this benefit you if it changes?

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  • I hate what Ms Ring did to our schedule, why take a perfectly good thing and ruin it. There is no point, now were on this no campus bull crap if your not a junior or senior. This is unfair nobody wants to stay at school for an extra hour if not needed.

    • I agree because we never get open campus and this would be the only time.

  • The semester test schedule needs to be changed. 5 mins is not enough for people to use the restroom, study for the upcoming class, and get to the class on time. If I were to be in the gym. It could be tough to get to a class like Mr.Bruns' or any other teacher's class that is far away. I don't think I would be able to get to class on time. And if I don't, then I fail?! That makes no sense at all. 

  • I do not think it should change because there are people that may not be able to eat lunch. There are lots of people who are against the change because there are unfair rules between lower and upper classmen. I would want to the old schedule back so that I would not have to worry about having two big tests, one right after another.

  • I think that the semester test schedule should change. I think this because there is no time between class periods and the period numbers for each day don't make sense. Students should get time in between class periods to study and it doesn't make sense to have 1,2,3,7 and 5,4,6,8.

  • I think that they should change it back to the original schedual because we could have study time in between classes. We could have more time to relax and prepare ourselves for the next test. But the old schedual could also lead into people messing around and getting in trouble when they have open campus. I think we should revert to the old one it was eaiser and fun. 

  • I personally dont think that its a tarible thing I mean its only for two days and I know people like the idea of going home and eating, but there are worse things to happen. I can see were under classmen may not like it and be mad. As older classmen we have a lot of responsibilities and not as much class's as younger classmen have as well. 

  • I personally think that this new schedule for semester tests is extremely unfair to us underclassmen. It not only gives us no time to study a little bit more in between classes which, means the only time we have to study is at home at night before we come to school. This can be very unfortunate for students who have jobs and work late at night. Overall I think that the semester test schedule should’ve just stayed the same as last year. Instead of this unfair and in my opinion biased schedule that we have this year.

  • I think that they shouldn't be changed because it gives the opportunity for the students that don't have open campus and this year we have like 5 minutes to get to our next class other than having an hour and a half between classes. Some students won't be able to remember the things that have studied for cause they have like only an hour or so and it might not be enough time.

    • I agree because we never get open campus and this would be the only time.

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