should the semester test be changed?

every year in school we have semester test and years before we would always have open campus and be just fine. our new principal is making it so freshman and sophomores will not have open campus. 



every school has semester test and have there way of doing it. Our schools way was just fine. We had more time in between classes and were able to sit longer or even go somewhere for lunch. this year if it does go to the new way no one is going to like it. We only have 5 minutes in between classes and would not have any time to study. classes are longer when usually people get done way before the hour. lunch is only 35 min long and that still would be not enough time to study. If you have a D or an F in any class you will have to come friday for the make up day. the make up day was usually for people who missed the days before and need to come take the test.



In my opinion I think that we should just stay how we have been doing it and it will be better for the kids and teachers.



Do you think our semester test schedule should change? why or why not?

how would this benefit you if it changes?

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  • I think that the semester test schedule from last year was perfectly fine, why should be have to change it. I believe that it is a huge benefit you have a half hour inbetween classes. In the new schedule we only have 5 minutes. Take the old schedule and make it that new one. 

  • I think it should because it gives people a chance to leave the school for lunch and to go home. If they don't a lot of the people will just leave the school and they will probably have more of a problem. I like that the first hour is for help from teachers and stuff, but why wouldn't we just make it the same as every other year?

    • I agree with you becasue the test ruins a lot of stuff such as studying and ruins the only days we have open campus.

  • I think that the semter test schedule should be changed back to what it was lat year. It was enough time for students to study in between the classes. I think we should have open campus again. It is not fare for the freshman and sophmores that are not able to have open campus. 

    • I agree with you becasue the test ruins a lot of stuff such as studying and ruins the only days we have open campus.

  • I think that the test schedule should not change unless we get out early, like one o'clock. I don't understand why we couldn't have open campus to study or go do something. It is not fair to give some kids freedom, but the other kids have to stay at school. 

  • I think the semester test schedule should stay to the same way it has been.  I think that all students should have an open campus because no one wants to sit in study hall for 2 hours while kids are taking tests. yes, some like to study before tests but some need quiet and the study hall is not quiet.

  • I don't know how I feel about the semester tests schedules. It may be a good thing that freshmen and sopmores can't have open campus because many of them don't have a license. But to be honest, the school lunches suck. 

  • I haven't ever really taken semester tests, so I don't really know how it was the past years, but I think that they sound better than what we have now. I think that we should be able to have open campus if you have good grades and if you don't have a class. I also think that students will benefit from having a longer break between classes, because now people could have multipule classes back to back.

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