should the semester test be changed?

every year in school we have semester test and years before we would always have open campus and be just fine. our new principal is making it so freshman and sophomores will not have open campus. 



every school has semester test and have there way of doing it. Our schools way was just fine. We had more time in between classes and were able to sit longer or even go somewhere for lunch. this year if it does go to the new way no one is going to like it. We only have 5 minutes in between classes and would not have any time to study. classes are longer when usually people get done way before the hour. lunch is only 35 min long and that still would be not enough time to study. If you have a D or an F in any class you will have to come friday for the make up day. the make up day was usually for people who missed the days before and need to come take the test.



In my opinion I think that we should just stay how we have been doing it and it will be better for the kids and teachers.



Do you think our semester test schedule should change? why or why not?

how would this benefit you if it changes?

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  • Brody,

    Good topic choice but your summary is brief and could be better organized. Be sure to comment more as well.

  • I think the semester test schedule should be the same as last year and the many years before. It has been working completely fine and even the teachers liked it. I personally really like last years schedule and like the extra time to refresh my mind.

  • I think our semester test schedule should revert back to how it originally was. I think that Freshman and Sophmores should be able to have open campus. Also, if you have good grades, you should be able to leave to go get lunch and if you have a study hall a certian hour, you cannot leave.

  • I think that the new semester test schedule should change because it worked well for all the students last year. I think it worked well because there were few problems with it, and all the students loved having an open campus and being able to go anywhere for lunch.

  • I do not like the knew semester test schedule Mrs. Ring has sent to out to the students. The majority of the students do not like this schedule, and even some teachers have admitted they do not like. Harlan has never had a problem with the old semester test schedule, so I don't know why the new principle wants to change it before she even experiences it.

  • I liked how to old semester test schedule should come back because you could study in between classes for 30 minutes now we only have 5 I think we should go back to our old schedule.

  • I think that the semester test should stay the same this year as it was last year. I think last years schedule was very good, beacuse we had plenty of time to study inbetween classes. This year we have 5 mins between. I do not think that is enough time to study everything we have done that semester.

  • I believe that the semester test schedule should not be changed because its not fair to underclass people. Everyone should be able to have open campus and not just juniors and seniors. I think that it would benifit me because I do not like school lunch and wouldnt have enought time to study for my next period.

  • I think that the new semester tesh scheduale is stupid. Mrs. Rings new idea of this schedule is absoulutley dumb. It is dumb how juniors and seniors get open campus but sophmores and freshman don't. It is dumb how we have to stay in school for an extra hour for a study hall instead of having our open campus. The 15 minutes between classes compared to the 30 minutes is dumb. It doesn't give some students enough time study for there next class compared to the 30 minutes. All in all, the schedule should be changed. 

    • I agree because we never get open campus and this would be the only time.

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