Should Schools Teach Mindfulness?

Mindfulness has been associated with the perceived reduction of pain in participants by upwards of 50%. Meditation is a practice that can help people tremendously with mental health and sometimes physical health. When we practice mindfulness, we learn how to make observations without getting wrapped up in thoughts or feelings. This is great when you're trying to make decisions that affect other people to figure out what the right decision is.


Mindfulness can help reduce feelings of anxiety. It can also help improve positive self-talk in people with anxiety. Nowadays when it comes to school work well all know that it can be very stressful and even worse if you have problems with anxiety, so practicing mindfulness in school will be great to reduce stress levels. At its most basic level, mindfulness is about attending to the present moment. We all know that when you have a lot it can be stressful and we tend to only focus on that stress. Practicing mindfulness and learning to pay attention to the present moment and focus on that can help more than you would think


Schools around the US and around the world have decided to add mindfulness into their everyday learning, so students can be ready to concentrate and learn about whatever they are learning that day. In a U.S.  news article, they explain, “Mindfulness practice may include activities such as asking students to notice the sights, sounds, and stimuli in the room, observe where they feel tension in their bodies, or simply take a few deep breaths before taking a test or starting a challenging project.”


In my opinion, I think that practicing mindfulness in school is a great way to teach students how to deal with stress in a healthy way and be even more ready to work well in class. Not everyone likes to admit that they deal with stress or anxiety but it does happen and it is hard to deal with when you don’t know how.



Have you ever experienced problems with anxiety?


Do you think that practicing mindfulness in school is a good idea?


Do you ever practice mindfulness outside of school?



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  • I think that this could be one of the classes for WIN or in study hall you can go to this class if you have all your work done and good grades. My anxiety is very bad and I believe that it could be a class of some sort it would help alot of people out.

  • I think that this could be a WIN class like it is now but it should not be a required class. I dont practice midfullness and I don't get anxiety so I dont need it but some people might and they could do it by themselves. School is for teaching and educating people.

  • I do not think it should be a required class, but maybe some people would enjoy it. I personally don't ever practice mindfulness in or outside of school, I don't really struggle with anxiety or stress, but I know some people do. I think that some people would enjoy this and it would be helpful for them.

  • I havn't really had any problems with anxiety at school, but I know many students do. I think teaching mindfulness at school is a good idea, but I think it should be taught in a WIN session or elective so not everyone has to take it if they don't want to.  

  • I think everyone has stressed over high school at least once. For me especially, I can only imagine that stress ending when school gets out, or once I finish a big test. I think being able to feel some peace in the moment is very beneficial for students. I don't consciously practice mindfulness, but there are things I do to wind down.

  • I dont think I have ever experienced any problems with anxiety. I could understand how someone could have anxiety problems from school because I think school is one of the most stress full thing through your whole life. I think schools should teach mindfulness just to help kids out and have them start enjoying school.

  • I dont feel that this should be like a requires class. However I think it would be a good elective or just club or somthing. It would be hard tp grade or test people in this. Its a interesting thought tho. Good topic. 

  • I personally haven't had any issues with anxiety, but I think it would be a good idea to practice it in school. There are many students who have other issues besides anxiety that this may help as well. I don't practice mindfulness regularly, but I have done it in the past and it has helped me with many things.

  • yes because there are many studes who suffer from anciety and such and it would be a really good idea just to relax and think about life calmly 

  • It wouldn't be a bad thing to teach it to students. Especially at a time where a lot of teenagers go through a lot of anxiety and depression. Teaching students to calm down can help a lot of teenagers with their mental health. It is an issue in our country and it would be nice if we could do something about it. 

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