Should schools require certain classes?

Everyone has that one class that they despise. For me personally, I could live without History. Nothing against Bruns or anything, but I just don't see the point in the class if I'm never going to use the information in my future career. I also think that science, math, and English passed the basic knowledge needed for everyday human interaction is unnecessary. If you are thinking of pursuing a future career that requires this extra knowledge, take the dang classes in college. Some people might be thinking, well, history is needed to prevent the past from repeating itself and math is needed to solve your everyday arithmetic problems, English is needed for communication through speech and writing, and science is important for understanding the world around us. While these things are important, you don't need to know the difference between who and whom to communicate every day and we have spell check for a reason. You can also live without knowing how the human body works and the difference between your biceps and forceps, or how to find the hypotenuse of a right triangle or the surface area of a pentagon. History can be taught through stories and the experiences of other people. We don't need to know where Hitler went wrong in his rise to power. I think that we should be required to learn the basics then if we want to learn more about the subject, we can choose to take them for further knowledge.

Perhaps you have a different opinion or see something I don't.

What do you see?

Do you think that these classes are needed for the good of our future or not?

What class could you live without?

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    • Good point. Someone might be going into a field that requires math, then change their mind because of a class they took.

  • I do believe that students should be able to pick their own classes. Allowing students to pick their own classes would most likely benefit them more. This also might have an effect on the student's career and they should be able to pick classes that would be beneficial to their career path.

    • Yes! I completely agree with you.

  • I personally think that history i could live without becuase the job that i am going into I don't need history to bulid cabinets or frames.

    • What if you need to build a 1950's style cabinet or frame? Wouldn't you need to know some history at that point?

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