Should schools require certain classes?

Everyone has that one class that they despise. For me personally, I could live without History. Nothing against Bruns or anything, but I just don't see the point in the class if I'm never going to use the information in my future career. I also think that science, math, and English passed the basic knowledge needed for everyday human interaction is unnecessary. If you are thinking of pursuing a future career that requires this extra knowledge, take the dang classes in college. Some people might be thinking, well, history is needed to prevent the past from repeating itself and math is needed to solve your everyday arithmetic problems, English is needed for communication through speech and writing, and science is important for understanding the world around us. While these things are important, you don't need to know the difference between who and whom to communicate every day and we have spell check for a reason. You can also live without knowing how the human body works and the difference between your biceps and forceps, or how to find the hypotenuse of a right triangle or the surface area of a pentagon. History can be taught through stories and the experiences of other people. We don't need to know where Hitler went wrong in his rise to power. I think that we should be required to learn the basics then if we want to learn more about the subject, we can choose to take them for further knowledge.

Perhaps you have a different opinion or see something I don't.

What do you see?

Do you think that these classes are needed for the good of our future or not?

What class could you live without?

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  • We have had similar topics before but you did a good job with your opinions. I would like to see a little bit on why experets say certain subjexts are important for students. Posted a week late. 

  • I feel that some classes may not be needed for someone's career path in the future, but it is good to know about our history, how to solve math problems and so on. The things you learn in the class may not be used in the future, but at least you know incase it does come up.

  • In my personal opinion, I believe that the core classes like math, science, english, and maybe even history should be required classes -- along with other classes like government, personal finance, etc. Outside of those basic areas, I think that the students, in most cases, should have the choice on what classes they wish to take that could potentially help them in their future careers.

  • I personally believe that thier should be only the core clases that are still required like englisih, math, science, and history because it give the student a little bit of everything just to see what they like and see what field they want to go in, in the future.

  • I think that you are very wrong. Without math, no one will know how to do things in life such as measuring how much countertop, or wood you need for a project. You need science or some health class so that when you're sick, you can know whether to go to the ER or not, saving you money. You need history because without it, people WILL repeat the past, and there WILL be another Hitler without it. CWI is also important so that you can learn what is happening around you. People need English because it is the language we speak and we should speak it correctly and not sound like morons. You said in your paragraph that " basic knowledge needed for everyday human interaction is unnecessary". If it is needed for human interaction, how is it unnecessary? People need to grow up, quit being lazy, and learn so that they don't become stupid and lazy and doom themselves and future generations.

  • I think that the only classes that should be required are english, history, math, and science. I think these should stay required because it gives you a little sense of what you do or don't like. You can take your opinion about those subjects into account when thinking about your future jobs/career.

  • I think that classes should be required up until high school. But I also think that core classes should be required possibly your freshmen and maybe sophomore years. Once you get to your junior year and senior year you are looking more into the future for jobs and you want to take classes to help out your career.

  • Personally, I think it is a good idea for high school to require some classes that students have to take. I think these classes should be core classes like math, english, science, and history. Other elective classes should not be required to take in order to graduate.

  •  think that classes should be optional at a certain point of age, I feel like high school math science, and English classes aren't really needed later on in life unless it's a key part of your future job, because we learn the main math, science, and English used through elementary and middle school.

  • I think that certain classes being required are dumb especially core classes like science and math. I think that math should stop being required taught around grade 6 because all of that other trigonometry and algebra will NEVER be used in your life. And even if it will be used on a daily basis (which it won't trust me), you can take the extra math classes instead of having it being required. Same with science.

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