Should Schools Have Charging Stations in the Classroom?

Do you keep forgetting to charge your computer at home? Many students would enjoy having charging stations at school, However many teachers would not. There are many pros and cons to having computer chargers in the classroom environment. Who's side of this topic should schools support?

There are many pros to having computer chargers in the classroom environment. If there were chargers in the classroom environment then every student would have a charged computer. Also if there were chargers in a classroom environment students would not be required to charge their computers at home. Another reason having computer chargers in the classroom would be a good thing is that the school would have no need to give chargers out to students and then the school would not have to worry about students losing or breaking chargers as much.

However, There are also many cons to having computer chargers in the classroom environment. If there were chargers in the classroom environment then most students would be taking advantage of it and there would be so many chargers that people could trip over the chargers and get hurt. Also the amount of electricity it would take during the school day to charge everyone's computers would be immense and could cause electrical fires, power outages and massive electrical bills. Also it could make teachers only sit at their desks, for it would be hard to get across the classroom to help a student or teach face to face.

In my opinion, I think having chargers in the classroom would be a great idea. I am somebody who forgets to charge their computer at night and it would be very nice to see the school make some changes for those types of students. Also, since schools are very tech run, it would be a good change in my opinion as the world goes into technology more and more. I think that schools will eventually do this because schools will start to see students' grades drop just because they don't have a charged computer for the school day.

All in all, there are many pros and cons to having chargers and charging stations in classrooms. Many students would be happy with this change, although many teachers would not be happy with this change. Charging stations would be a very unique addition to the classroom environment, however, is this addition worth the effort?


Do you think having charging stations should be placed into classrooms?



Would you use a charging station if they were in the classroom?



How would this new addition help you?




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    • I totally agree chsrging stations should be added to classrooms, but it wouldn't be used for phones or airpods, it would be used for school laptops.

    • I totally agree with your opinion on the topic, but the charging stations would be for computer not phones, they would be used for school use.

  • you shouldn't have to bring a charger to school if you take the responsibility to plug it in at night. It would be a waste of money to install charging stations if kids could just stop being lazy. It takes less than 5 secends to just plug it in.

    • I agree that it would cost a lot, but it would be nice to the option to plug it in a school, if you happen to forget to do it at home.

  • I think this could be very benificial to most students who just accidentally left their charger at home or maybe lost it. However, I could see it being taken advantage of by students who never charge their computer. I dont really see a huge problem even if kids are having to charge it everyday. 

    • I totally agree, many students would definetely take advantage of them, I could see friend grouos not charging their computers purposefully to sit together.

  • I think that there doesn't need to be a charging station in every classroom. I think this because if every classroom had a charging station they would not get used that much and would be a waste of money. I personally wouldn't use a charging station because I am not on my phone that much.

    • I would 100% agree that they shouldn't be in every room, just ones that that we use our computers in a lot, plus, the charging stations would not be for phones, they would be for school related technology, such as our computers.

  • Yes, some students forget to charge there computers or phones which they need to be able to do work or talk to there parents if they need anything. Charging stations help a lot and I use them rarely but I know a lot of students who do use them. It also saves me when I forget to plug in my phone or computer at night.

  • I do think charging stations would be a good idea to help save money providing the kids each with their own. However, if kids need to take their computer home and do homework and it dies, then there will be some problems. But, we can just give the students their own and have some in our classroom. Well, there might be issues and problems with funding that they might need to pull from other projects to support this. 

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