Should School Uniforms Be Required?

How long have uniforms been required in schools? Well in fact, school uniforms have been seen in schools since 1222. They started in a school in England, but their school uniforms weren’t like modern uniforms, they had to wear a robe-type outfit called a cappa-clausa. After this, school uniforms started to become more popular throughout private schools, but what about public schools? School uniforms should not be required in public schools because it takes away the students' individuality, and creativity.


I can understand the argument for why we should have school uniforms, but the monotony may be boring to the students’ minds. It’s already hard enough to stay focused in some classes, let alone if you were wearing something that you found uncomfortable. The diversity in clothing choices of the students’ gives character. People may argue that students are pressured to fit in with name brand clothing, and trendy styles. This may be true in some cases, but that’s why the staff influence the students’ to think for themselves and to express them for who they truly are.


School uniforms have been around for a very long time. Some may say that we should keep them around, as some sort of tradition. The world evolves and people change. In my personal opinion, this is a movement that should be stopped. School uniforms remove the students’ originality and distinction.


Do you think school uniforms should be required? Why?

If they were required, what would your biggest complaint be?

Why do you like being able to choose your own outfits?

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  • Great job overall Ivy! Be sure to reply back on three different days next time.

  • I think that school uniforms shouldn't be required. I believe they shouldn't be required because kids in school would complain about having to dress the same every day and they would complain about how they can't be creative. I like choosing my outfit because I can be comfortable when I go to school.

  • I don't think that schools should have a dress code. I think that it would be nice for the reason that people wouldn't be bullied about their clothes. However, school dress codes makes it so everyone is the same, no one can be unique. I think that dress codes are less beneficial.

  • No, I dont think uniforms should be required. Becuase many people express themselves through what they wear. I also dont think theres many more people that bully other kids for there clothes. I think the biggest complaint would be that its boring and everyone looks the same and you arnt able to express yourself. I like choosing my outfits because I never dress up and I usually wear pajamas or sweats. 

  • No, I think that people should be able to wear whatever they want to school. The biggest complaint would be that they should be able to wear whatever they want. Being able to choose my own clothes is best because if I'm feeling lazy in the morning I can just throw on some simple outfit and walk out the door.

  • I think that school uniforms shouldn't be required in any school. I think that my biggest complaint would be probably be that the outfits were uncomfortable and that I wouldn't be able to wear something else. I like choosing my outfits because I can change it up sometimes and not wear the same things.

  • I don't think school uniforms should be reqiured at a public school. But if you go to a private school it's their descion if they make you wear school uniforms. I don't think you should wear school uniforms if you go to a public school tho.

  • I don't think that school uniforms should be required. especially for small-town schools where a lot of kids go from work to school or school to work. my cousins used to have to wear school uniforms and they were forced to spend a couple of hundred dollars on their uniforms just for them to be uncomfortable. i like being able to choose my own clothes because I can wear comfortable clothes every day.

  • I think that they should not be required. I think they are dumb and people can run into trouble with them if they are in the wash or torn. I think that uniforms would be a hassle for people and if you lost something on your uniform than you would have to buy a new one.

  • I think school uniforms can and probably should be required for private schools but definitely not public schools. Kids should have limits on what they can wear but otherwise kids should be able to wear what they want especially in America.

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