Should Pit Bulls Be Banned?

Do you think that Pit Bulls should be banned from the United States. I think that they shouldn’t because they are living things just like us. People think that they are mean because of they breed but its not. They are mean because the way they are treated or was treated. 


People debate on whether they should get one or not because of the history of them. Pit Bulls did use to be used for dog fighting and guard dogs. People thinking they should be banned well just think that if any dog bits people or other dogs well every dog does that. Cites state that “banning dogs should not be banned because they have been by you side for how long”. Thats basically saying that dogs have been everyones best friends for how long and now were just gonna ban them.

Shoud Pit Bulls be banned?

How do you feel about this?

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  • Great topic choice and super good job replying to people! You are #1 thgis week!! I do think your summary could be longer by going into more detail about pit bull attackes and why it happens. 

  • I believe that Pitbulls should not be banned. I think that a majority of the time it isn't the pitbull's fault that they're aggressive. It is mainly the owner's fault because they don't care for the dogs, or the dogs haven't been trained well.

  • I do not think that pitbulls should be banned. A lot of the time the cases that happen aren't exactly the dogs fault. It is a lot of the time the owners fault. Some of these dogs aren't well cared for or aren't comfortable around certian people, causing the dog to not know how to react. 


  • I personally do not believe that pitbulls should be banned. In 99.9% of the cases where pitbulls are unnecessarily aggresive, it is the owners fault, not the dogs. Many people that should not be owning pitbulls, or dogs in general, put these dogs in situations that will force them to develop an aggressive personality.

  • I personally believe that pitbulls should not be banned. Most of the time it is not the dogs fault it is the owner. The owner is the main problem because they are actually really sweet dogs it is just the owner or their enviornment that makes them bad.

  • I don't think that pitbulls should be banned. People have pitbulls and they are very friendly. I feel that these dogs act according to the environment they are raised in.  If your going to have a dog, you better be ready to love and provide for that dog as one of your kids. 

  • I personally don't think that they should be banned. I've been around aggressive pit bulls before but all of them came from bad homes where they were treated badly or just lived in bad conditions. I think that the people that made the pit bulls aggressive should be punished for treating them like that.

  • I don't think that pitbulls should be banned. Normally they are very sweet dogs, its just the environment around them causing them to be aggressive. Pitbulls are just dogs and should be treated well, no differently. I think that If someone were to want a Pitbull they should know that they can, and that their not agressive people. 

    • I agree that they are very sweet dogs.

  • I don't think pitbulls should be banned because all pitbulls are only mean when people abuse them or train them to be mean so if everyone that owned a pitbull was nice to the pitbull then the dogs wouldn't even be thought of as mean but they are big dogs so people like to make them mean and make them fight each other.

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