Imagine walking through Yellowstone looking up from your phone and seeing someone lick a toad. Recently Yellowstone Park had to put up signs in their park telling people not to lick or make tongue contact with any animals. Yes, they caught so many people licking toads they had to make it a new rule that you can't lick them. The toad that made this a thing is called the Colorado River toad. It releases a certain chemical that makes you have wild hallucinations. The first hallucinogenic toad was discovered in 1893. The chemical that causes the hallucinations is called 5-MEO-DMT. It only takes about five minutes for the chemical to start working. The high caused by the toad usually lasts about an hour compared to marijuana which usually lasts anywhere from two to ten hours. 66 percent of the people that ingest 5-MeO-DMT report that they could feel their heartbeat and you felt like they were dead or dying.

I don't think that they should have to put up signs to stop people from licking frogs or other animals. If they die or get hurt in any way it's their fault. Adults shouldn't have to babysit and protect other adults from licking animals. 


Do you think that they should have to put signs like that up?


What would you do if you watched someone lick a toad?


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  • Interesting topic choice! Your summary is a bit brief overall and you didn't reply to any student comments which is worth 30 points.

  • I dont think that putting up signs to lick animals in parks would help anything. I think that if people do what they like they can bare the consequences of licking toads. Licking animals in general is concerning and like I said they should just bare with the consequences.

  • I think they shouldn't have to put up signs because they can't get sued for it. If people choose to lick a toad or any other animal, the results are their fault, not the parks. I don't think I would know how to react if I saw someone lick a toad. That is disgusting and people should know better than that.

  • I think that if you lick toads or any other animal at a national park, or anywhere, you are one strange person. I don't think that national parks should put up signs because then other people visiting would be very weirded out. 

  • I belive that if you have to lick toads to get a high you have to be a really desperate person. They should put signs up in parks or any place that has hallucinogenic animals or even toads.

  • If you lick toads then your a strange person. I don't think we need signs hung around national parks telling people not to lick aniamals. I would't try to lick a bear as much as i would a toad.

  • I don't think the signs are neccasry. Its common sense to not lick toads. I have never watched sombody lick a toad before. I would be in a bit of shock if i did witness that though. I wonder why people do that.

  • I think that its common sense not to lick animals. I can see why national parks put up the signs to discourage the public from doing that. With the signs up they have some kind of evidence of discouraging people if there was ever a court case about licking the toads. 

  • I think that national parks should have to put signs up so people don't lick the toads. I think this because if national park staff catch someone licking them they have a better argument in court to sue the person. If I saw someone lick a toad I wouldn't do anything about it unless I saw a sign saying otherwise.

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