Should kids be able to pick classes?

           Though kids do not like school, should they be able to pick their own classes? There is a lot of controversy if kids pick their own classes they will like school way better and it will set them in the right way with what they wanna do after school. Also it is stated it lets kids have some steam off, they say start with small activities. Then move up to what they wanna do. Most kids want to go to college not into the work force right away, but if they offer classes that are in college most people will not want to go to college because they have already did it in highschool. People think that math is useless in highschool because you will never learn it in life, that is why people wanna pick the classes they want to do after highschool.




          A lot of people say that if school changed which they can pick there own classes many people would be happy. Also kids would have more responsibility and freedom. Also it leads students to want what they wanna do, if they don't wanna do that subject they can change to try something else before getting college. I also think that it could screw up some college places because no kids will wanna go to college because they have already did it in highschool. The school we have right now is also stressing kids out because they feel there is no point to Science,English,Math,etc.


        I personally think we should be able to pick classes we want to take because I will need that after school.,students%20are%20involved%20and%20engaged.

Do you think we should pick our own classes?


Do you think colleges would lose money?


Should the government make a change?


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  •  While we have had similar topics, your summary is good. I would like to see it a tad longer. Also be sure to comment back to students on three different days and a bit more frequently as well.

  • I think that it is a good thing that students have some required classes because it will make everyone gain some knowledge on multiple subjects. Although I think we need required classes, I think students should be able to pick the rest of their classes, also I don't think that all core classes are necessary.

  • I think the students should still be required to take core classes, however, you should be able to choose your electives because you know what you personally like and what you would like to specialize in after high school or college. When taking free or cheap college classes in high school for college credit, you're getting a big head start on your college degree.

  • I definitely think students should get to choose what elective classes they are in. If a student is put into an elective class that they don’t enjoy and has nothing to do with their future desired career path then I see it just as a waste. I believe it is important for students to take core classes.

  • I think we should be able to pick our classes, we should just have a wider selection than what we have now. Colleges might lose money due to this because people can take these classes in high school and not in college. The government can make a change if they want, I wouldn't care too much to be honest.

  • I agree that students should be able to pick their own classes. I also do agree that there should be some classes that are required to be able to graduate. If the student picks their own classes then they will enjoy being in that class. If the student like the class they are taking they will try harder and actually work to get better grades. 

  • I personally believe that picking classes would help us try to focus on what's important in clase and be able to learn better but I think that it is good to have some classes be required becasue if they we not then we would not take them.

  • I think that picking our class would help us focus better in class and be able to learn and memorize the information taught to us and we should also be able to because some of the classes don't tie with what people want to do later on in life

  • I think picking our own classes would help us focus better in class and actually be willing to learn and memorize the information taught to us. I do think some classes should be mandatory for us to learn like math but some of the stuff we learn in math is kinda useless.

  • I think that students should be able to pick their classes. School would be more custom to what students prefer, and that would make it easier for kids to learn. I still think students should be required to learn important math skills, but they shouldn't be forced to take classes they will not use.

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