Should Junk Food Be Banned From Schools?


Should junk food be banned from schools? 


In recent years, schools have started to put forth an effort to be a cleaner, healthier environment. A big topic that has been up in the air recently is if schools should ban selling junk food. This would mean that vending machines would be completely gone or only have healthier alternatives like fruit for example. This would also most likely mean that ala cart options would be significantly decreased. 


In recent years, childhood obesity has been dangerously on the rise. In 2018, it was reported that over 14 million minors were extremely obese. Obesity is a very serious disease. It can cause high blood pressure, type two diabetes, strokes, heart attacks, and other dangerous things. People are looking for solutions to help cut back on this and some think that cutting junk food options in schools is the way to go.


Personally, I don't think that it would help if schools weren’t allowed to sell junk food. I believe that if someone is going to eat junk food, they’ll eat it. If not at school then just at home. I think if people really want to lower childhood obesity they should promote more physical activity instead. I think that kids should be taught how to have a balanced lifestyle between healthy food, unhealthy food, and physical activity. 


Do you think that banning schools from selling junk food will make people healthier? 


Why or Why Not? 


Do you bring/eat “junk food” at school? 


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  • I personally do not think that school getting banned from selling junk food will make people healthier. Because many students already bring junk food from home so if they would like to eat it they don't need to get it from the school. I personally do not bring "junk food" to school.

  • I think that selling junk food in school doesn't have much of an impact on kids. It would be beneficial to offer healthy options for studnets to choose if they want to. I think it is more the parents than the school that leads to unhealthy children.

    • I also agree that the school should have better options. I think the most schools can do is try to teach healthy habits and provide healthier options for students. I agree that obesity starts at home not at school. 

  • I think that selling junk food in school will not make people healthier. The reason being is that when you eat it doesn't necessarily mean you're going to eat healthy everywhere else. If the school bans junk food then the students will most likely bring junk food in.

  • No we should not ban junk food. Even if you did kids can still get it anywhere else. Kids bring snacks to school all the time like if they don't have time in the morning to eat breakfast they can just bring snacks.

    • I agree with you, the school banning junk food seems kind of pointless and would be really hard for them to maintain. I also agree with you that some food is better than no food especially since a lot of kids are too busy to eat breakfast. 

  •  I think banning junk food will not make kids healthier because kids will just get the junk food from another place. I bring snacks to school but I would not condiser it to be junk food but most students also bring snacks for class.

  • I think banning junk food would pry not be a good idea. Because students would most likely bring there own food anyways. Plus many students straight up wouldn't eat if they didnt have food like that to eat during the day or for lunch

    • I also don't think banning junk food would be a good idea.  You're also right about how a lot of students don't have access to healthy food so some junk food is better than no food at all. 

  • I do not think junk food should be banned from school. I think this way because some people need certain food in order to keep their blood sugar stable. The only food I bring to school is a granola bar which I wouldn't consider it junk food. 

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