Should Homeless People Have Pets?

     Should homeless people have pets? Homeless people don’t have homes, barely get food for themselves, and are overall unstable. How do they provide for their pets? Wouldn’t it be easier for them if they gave up the pet and saved up money for themselves to start getting stable. They get about $20-$60 a day in larger cities. Imagine how much money they get in smaller cities. Some homeless people spend that money on drugs and not on actual useful things.

    Pets, like dogs, provide protection for the owner when they are sleeping. They also give the owner warmth when it is cold outside. Some pet owners that are homeless feed their pets before they feed themselves, but most don’t. Some of them don’t care about the pet’s health. For some people pets are a source of protection, companionship, and unconditional love. Pets cost about $700-$1,100 per year. That’s a lot of money for homeless people since they make about less than $52,000 per year (with disability and other factors). Most homeless shelters don’t allow pets in due to the fact of allergies. So where would the pet sleep if the owner is in a shelter? Some pets get snuck into the shelter, but others aren’t as lucky and are left outside the shelter. 

Personally I think that homeless people should have pets if they are able to take care of them. If they don’t think they have enough money or supplies to keep their pet healthy then they shouldn’t own one. There are also the homeless people who had pets before they were homeless. I think that those people shouldn’t give up their pet because their pet could enter a stage of depression due to being given up on.


Should homeless people have pets?

Should pets be allowed in all shelters?



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  • Good topic choice and well done Dixi! +5 new topic

  • I believe that homeless people can't even take care of themselves, so they definetly can't take care of a dog or any kind of pet. I think that homeless people waste a bunch of time and money on pets, when they should be putting that money towards food for themselves.

  • most times the dogs are also dumped with homeless people like the "s/o or the dog " scenario. i think just like those ascpa commercials us as humans feel more sympathy toward animals than people so if you combine them with a homeless person and pet you might have a higher donation ammount

  • No, I do not believe that homeless people should have pets because they barely have enough money for themselves to survive, so it doesn't make sense. I don't think that it's good for the pets because most of the time there is a pet with a homeless person, they don't look healthy.

    • I think you are right with some of your opinions, but in my opinion I think that homeless people should be able to have pets because some of them do get enough money to buy food for themselves and their pet. I have also seen some pets that don't look healthy with a homeless person, but if that homeless person gives the pet up, where will it go?

  • In my opion homeless people shouldn't be able to own a pet. They should spending there money on trying to survive then having to try to take care of a pet. I seen alot of homeless people that have pets but they don't look very healthy and they don't seen happy.

  • I think that homeless people shouldn't have pets because if you are homeless you have issues with money so how are you going to get the proper needs for that pet? I understand that there are certain circumstances like maybe they had one before they were homeless but for someone to just get one out of the blue while they're actively homeless just doesn't seem like a great idea. They need to maybe work on getting themselves into a better living situation before they own a pet.

    • I see why you think that, but some of the pets that homeless people have are stray pets. They find them out on the streets and take care of them. Some homeless people think about their pet before themselves, which I don't think they should do, but they do. It's not like all homeless people are bad and can't take care of their pets. Majority of them care more about their animals than themselves.

  • I think homeless people should be allowed to have pets because it brings a lot of hapiness that is often missing in someone who doesn't have a home's life. It gives them a reason to keep pushing through the struggle and maybe addiction or other hardship they are going through and gives them a companion so they aren't as lonely or depressed.

  • I think homeless people having pets should be allowed because it has many benefits. Pets provide happiness, comfort, and protection but they should only have them if thay can al least provide for the pet and themselves.

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