Should Harlan have early outs every week?

Besides a day off of school, early outs are the next top thing for some of a student's favorite days. There has always been an idea and theory that an early out once a week for schools should be mandatory and useful for the school. Some people are for this idea and many others aren’t. Around the world, some schools have early outs once a week. Harlan doesn’t, but should that change?

Some of the pros that would come with a weekly early out would be giving students more time for mental health and homework. I think some teachers sometimes feel like they do not give a lot of homework, but when every teacher for every class gives “a little” homework, it all adds up. Sometimes students struggle to finish it all while trying to balance family, sports, jobs, and more. Giving an early out once a week could be a helpful idea for those who struggle with finding the time. Another pro is when a student is given more time, the school will begin to see overall academic improvement. Schools would see fewer failing grades and better test scores overall. 

The cons of a weekly early out are the problem of the teachers having to plan around it. Some teachers struggle with fitting their longer lessons into shorter days. It also gives students less time in class to retain and learn the material being taught. Another problem is the transportation issue. This could lead to some students being home alone on these days due to parents' work schedules. It also messes with people's extracurricular activities. Some sports may struggle with the once-a-week time change, and it could even mess up game and practice times. 

Overall, I think that the benefits of a weekly early out outweigh the cons of them. I think that the school could see such an increase in grades and scores within the classrooms. I think that it also gives teachers more planning time and more time to spend with their families and friends. 


Do you think Harlan schools should have early outs every week?


Do you think early outs would help students out?

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  • I don't really think that having early outs would benefit students, teachers, or parents. Most adults who have children wouldn't be able to get off of work in time to pick their kids up from school on the early out days. Also, I don't think that students are so overwhelmed with homework that we have to get out of school to make time. I don't think that this would benefit teachers because it would take away from class time, so they would have to learn how to adjust to the different days each week. 

  • I think having early outs would help a student be able to get there work done and have time to be able to be a teen and go hang out with friends or family. Not only that but it might be able to help a student to be able to relax in school or make them work hard on there school work. the only down side is that we would have to stay in school longer because just like every work place the state has a set of house that schools have to have. 

  •  I think having early outs are great but then the days will add up.  We will have a longer school year because of the time we miss. It probably will go through the summer and then we should have to have a shorter summer which I would not like.

  • I think it would be beneficial for both students and teachers because it can relieve both stress and anxiety. It is also good for teachers beacuse they can get alot more done with the extra time they have. I think it would be good for both students and teachers mental health.

    • I agree with you becuase this always helped me get extra school work done, and if I ever needed help with school work then I could stay after school and get the help I needed.  This also allowed me to get school work done so it didnt eat up my week end. 

  • I think that having an early out every single week would be good for both the students and the teachers. As a student, it can relieve a lot of stress knowing that the day is shortened and that I will have an increased amount of free time.

  • I think an early out every week could be very beneficial to students and teachers. It would defiantly give everyone a break and help break up the week. However, it could cause us to have to further our school year farther into the summer. So there are many pros and cons to this topic.

  • Early outs could help or mess students up. It could help by not stressing so much everyday for how many hours. you have more time to be free or get your work done. it could mess people up by just not doing work and not being in school as long.

  • I think that Harlan should have a 2 hour early out every wednesday because it would give students and teachers a break. Some teachers are behind because they do not have time because of sports. I think students would like this because they would have time to make up work and other things.

    • I agree early outs give time for both the student and the teacher. I tallows for kids to get help on the early out, and gives time for the teacher to plan lessons and grade. 

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