Should female and male athletes be paid the same?

Over the years we have seen the difference between the salary for male and female athletes. In 2021 Lebron James earned $44.47M. On the other hand, Diana Taurasi, also being a basketball player, earned $119,500. Basketball is not the only sport in which there is a big difference. For example, in soccer the difference is huge. Lionel Messi (one of the best soccer players in the world), makes $41M while Alexia Putellas, being considered the best female soccer player in the world at the moment, makes $150,000. According to some studies it is not a gender issue, it is a revenue issue. That is the reason why male’s salaries are higher, because they generate more revenue. However, not all sports are better paid for male than females. Some sports like gymnastics or ballet are better paid for females. Tennis is one of the sports with the most equality, in which since 2007 they have been trying to pay almost the same amount of money for male and female athletes, even though there are still some differences.


Sports is not the only sector in which there is a difference of salary for men and women. Modeling is a good example. In modeling there is a big difference between both genders resulting in paying a lot more for women. Female models make an average of $41,300 annually, which is 148% more than men, who earn an average of about $28,000. 


There are a lot of points of view on this topic. Some people believe that all genders should be paid equally in all sports. However, others think that they should be paid based on the revenue they make. Some studies show that different sports are more willing to have a bigger audience depending on the gender playing it. 


In my opinion males and females shouldn’t be paid the same but there shouldn't be such a big difference in their salaries, as females make the same effort as males. On the other hand, it is proved that the revenue girls and boys generate for the majority of sports channels is by far not the same, resulting in boys generating a lot more money and bringing more audience. This ends up with having more money to pay them because they bring more audience to their sport and make a bigger revenue.


Do you think men and female athletes should be paid the same and why?

Do you support and watch more female or men sports?


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  • Good topic choice and well done Maria!

  • In my opinion, I think that both male and female athletes should be paid the same amount. But, they should also be paid on how much revenue they bring in, and typically male sports are more watched than female sports. Personally, I watch more men's sports than women's sports.

  • In my opinion, I believe that male and femal athletes should be paid the same. I think this because it is just equality and fair. I also believe that the athletes should be paid based on the revenue the bring in. Personally, I do not watch many sports, but when I do, I typically watch men sports.

  • I definately think that male and female athletes should be paid the same. But if you think about more poeple watch male sports than girls and that is a huge factor to why they get so much money. The only sport I like to watch is Hockey and I enjoy watching both male and female but I do watch more male hockey than female.

  • I think both male and female athletes should be paid the same because that is what is fair. But I also think that althletes should get paid by what revenue they bring in. I really only watch football, but I sometimes watch some woman sports, so I would say it is equal.

  • I do believe that both men and females should be paid the same amount but also it should depend on the skill they have just like men. The woman's movement was won back then but now is starting to go back to what it was before that movement was won and that isn't good.

  • I believe that all of the sports should be payed the same. Men and women are alike and and should be paid on how they play and who they play for. I also think that depending on how they act should have a say on how they get paid. I watch more men then I do women.

  • I think men and females should get paid the same. They are playing the same sport and putting equal effort into it. I think that jsut becasue of gender should not effect the amount of pay the athletes get. I watch more boys sports but thats only becuase I watch football and basketball.

  • See it all comes down to the sport in the pay rates. I think that girls basketball players, should get the same rate of pay for the men's baketball players. I think this is how it should be with every sport, whatever the men get paid, the women do as well and vice versa. I think a lot of people would say that it wouldn't be fair because people watch male dominating sports, so the women would be given unfair rates, but at the same time, this shouldn't  have to become a whole gender/sexist problem

  • Personally I do not think that women sports and men sports shoudl even be close to the same pay rate. I have never watched a girls sport other than some basketball. The thing is male athlets give it there all on every play and are 20x more entertaining.

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