Should Every U.S Citizen be required to vote.



       Only about 60% voted for the election and roughly 139 million Americans cast ballots for the 2016 presidential election. There are 333.81 people who live in the United States and not everyone can vote because they are not of age. I think everyone should vote because they can express their vote and then there would be a more accurate vote. 

      Many people say that if every citizen voted that everyone's voices would be heard so then people would not complain about who would get in for the presidential election or any other type of election. If everyone voted people would be more inspired to pay more attention to campaigns and current events.

      I do think it would be a good thing for everyone U.S citizen to vote but the government would have to force them to vote and then a lot of people would get mad and protest against it and I think it would ruin our country and even tho It would be good to have every U.S. citizen I don’t think it would work but it would be good.




Do you think Every U.S citizen should vote? 


Are you against Every U.S citizen's vote?

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  • I personally think that every U.S. citizen should vote, but it is their choice whether or not they want to use that vote. Voting is very crucial when it comes to elections and every vote matters, because your vote can help you get representation in government. 

  • I think that every U.S. citizen should vote. That is their chance to let their opinion be heard and to actually have a little bit of an impact. I think that it would also make things easier for the government because actually every citizen is represented, so they can do more for all the people. 

  • I think that every American citizen should have to vote. I think that each vote counts when it comes to elections and each one is needed. I do think that some people would make poor decisions when voting and that should be taken into consideration. 

  • I believe everyone should vote as an American citizen. Everyone's vote is crucial when it comes into play. I also believe that there is some uneducated people out there that vote. Although they have the right to vote they may have chose a poor decision. 

  • I don't think everyone should be required to vote, America is a free country, and part of being free is the right to not have to vote. a lot of people don't understand politics and often are wrong about a lot of things which is why we should not have everyone vote.

  • I do not think every citizen should be required to vote.  I say this because some people are not educated on politics and could vote for the wrong people for the wrong reasons. Because America is a free country we should not force people to vote against their will. 

  • I do not think every us citizen should be required to vote. Since we are a free country, we should not be forced to do things. Some people dont understand voting enough to vote confidently. Forcing everyone to  vote would be a mistake. Good topic.

  • Not that people shouldn't vote, but there are other reasons why people cannot vote. People who are felons are not able to vote. This prohibits some adults from being able to partake in government in some way. If you have the chance to vote, go ahead and do it.

  • I don't think that every US citizen should have to vote. If someone wants a change in who is president then they will vote. If someone doesn't care about what is being changed no matter who wins then they shouldn't have to vote. I'm not necessarily against anyone's votes. We need to all corporate so the government is able to work. 

  • I think letting people to young vote is a bad idea because there are certain things that they don't get about electing a person to lead our country. Most teenagers need more understanding to make a decision like this. They are also influenced by their parents.

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