Should Every U.S Citizen be required to vote.



       Only about 60% voted for the election and roughly 139 million Americans cast ballots for the 2016 presidential election. There are 333.81 people who live in the United States and not everyone can vote because they are not of age. I think everyone should vote because they can express their vote and then there would be a more accurate vote. 

      Many people say that if every citizen voted that everyone's voices would be heard so then people would not complain about who would get in for the presidential election or any other type of election. If everyone voted people would be more inspired to pay more attention to campaigns and current events.

      I do think it would be a good thing for everyone U.S citizen to vote but the government would have to force them to vote and then a lot of people would get mad and protest against it and I think it would ruin our country and even tho It would be good to have every U.S. citizen I don’t think it would work but it would be good.




Do you think Every U.S citizen should vote? 


Are you against Every U.S citizen's vote?

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  • Good topic choice and your summary is good. The issue is you didn't reply to any studrent comments which is worth 30 points. +5 new topic

  • I don't think that everyone should be required to vote. However, if they do not decide to vote, they can NOT complain about any of the elected official's decisions. If you don't put your input into the decision or election, you can not complain about the decisions of the person elected or the decision made.

  • I don't think every citizen should be forced to vote, because it would cause a big upset in the U.S. Many people would be upset, and I don't see how the government would be able to enforce making every citizen vote. What would happen if they didn't vote? I think it is good in theory, but not realistic for a country as large as the United States.

  • I don't think every citizen should be able to vote. I honestly think the age for voting should be hired to 21, because some people aren't mature enough, or don't know enough about politics at 18. They usually just listen to the public and what they have to say and they end up voting for someone that isn't a good choice for our country. Similar to what most young voters did when president Biden was voted in, they only listened to the public and what they were saying, not even listening to what the president was going to provide for our country.

  • I do not think that we should require people to vote. When you start mandating things, you start taking away the freedom of being able to do what they want. I do think that voting is a good thing but I do not think that we should make people vote because some people just don't want to.

  • I do not think that every citizen should vote because then people that do not care and do not want to vote won't have to. If everyone had to vote then the people who hadn't looked in to who they agree with more are then forced to vote. If all the people who do not want to vote or do not do reasearch on the people are forced to vote then that will change the results and might not be good because poeple might just mark one and not care.

  • I do not think every U.S. citizen should vote because there is a decent amount of people who don't know anything about politics and would simply prefer to avoid them. If they are forced to vote they probably not vote on what they think is good for the U.S. but instead vote for whoever because they don't know.

  • I can see both sides of the argument of wanting to require people to have to vote. But, I think if it was ever a requirement then there would have to be an option to vote for nobody. Some people may not want to vote for anybody who is running. It's also possible that some people just don’t pay attention to politics and are unable to make informed decisions.

  • I don't think it should be required for everyone to vote, because some people don't care and don't pay attention to politics. I do think that you should vote though if you know about politics or have a strong opinion about something. I also don't think you should complain if you didn't vote and the vote doesn't go your way. 

  • No, I don't think that every U.S citizen should have to vote. However, they should not be able to complain about who wins knowing that they could have voted against the person. They are allowed to complain about things, but to an extent. 

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