Should Drugs be legalized?

Is drug legalization a good idea?


Many people think drugs should be legal as is alcohol. Others think not so much. Many people think that most drugs should stay illegal and just have marijuana legal in all states. If people wanted drugs to become legal it would not be that hard to win that debate. According to the amount of people who do drugs illegally is insane and would stay the same if it was legal.


Why I think drugs should be illegal. Unlike alcohol, drugs can cause you with way more side effects than alcohol. Drugs are much more addictive and harmful. Many people who do drugs and go to rehab will still continue to do them because of how addicting they are. There are not many treatments on solving drug habits where there is alcohol. Making drugs legal may cause more people to start doing them and get addicted. Making them legal will not stop any more drug crimes than there already are. If anything keeping drugs illegal will make people more scared to do them then as they would be if drugs were legal.


On the other hand drugs could be legal in many ways. People could fight with the argument that they are just as addictive as many alcohols. Some people may argue that drug legalization will stop drug problems. Again I don’t think it would stop the problems, if anything I think it would make them worse because people will be less scared of hiding their drug habits from their loved ones because of the legalization. I do think that marijuana should be legal in all states however, because many people go out of their way to get marijuana. Marijunana is also used as a painkiller in many hospitals and does not cause as much harm as other drugs would.


Drug legalization is a big debate in the United States right now and may soon make harmful drugs legal. I see no issue with making marijuana legal, but many issues with making other harmful drugs legal. In my opinion I think that the one drug should be the only legalized one so people do not get addicted to other drugs that are much more harmful than alcohol and marijuana.


Do you think all drugs should be legal?


Do you think that drugs are as addictive as alcohol?


Should just marIjuana be legal? 

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  • Good topic choice and well done Kinsleigh!

  • I don't think drugs should be legalized because many people would abuse the privaleage to use those drugs. I think prescription drugs should be the only "legal" drug out there. If for example you need to smoke marijuanna for a medical cause I think it should be legal.

  • I don't think any drugs should be legalized for the fact that people will abuse the fact and get to addicted to the drugs and then having people go crazy because of the drugs. I do think that the drugs are just as addictive as alcohol or even more addictive.

    • I agree with you some drugs can  cause people to go crazy.

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    • I agree with you but I think marijuana should be leagal.

  • I personally don't think that all drugs should be legal and it would be very dangerous if it was. I think most drugs are more addicting than alcohol and shouldn't be legal. I also think that marijuana should be illegal too, but so many states have already legalized or decriminalized it. 

    • I agree with you drugs can be very dangerous.

  • I think that some drugs should be allowed because some of them help people and sometime they'll have to go to jail for trying to smuggle if you leglize it then you have a really big problem. I think that it is more addictive than alcohol because it's harder to find and get than alcohol.

    • I agree with you but I don't think it would stop the problem.

  • I think that some drugs should be allowed and what will it do it will keep people out of jail for trying to smuggle it if you leglize it to the public then you dont have as big of a problem on your hands. I think that it is more addictive than alcohol because it is harder to find and get than beer.

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