Should Concealed Carrying be Legal?

Concealed carrying has been a very controversial topic ever since it was legallized in Georgia in 1976. Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming allow permitless concealed carrying. Meaning that you can buy a handgun and carry it legally without having a special permit. 


Concealed carrying was federally banned in 1813, however, you could carry a weapon for self defense that was not concealed. Such as pistols, rifles, or knives. In 1976, Georgia was the first state to allow concealed carrying of a handgun with a permit. Up until July 1st, 2021, Iowa required a concealed carry permit. After the law passed in Iowa allowing people to buy handguns and conceal them, handgun sales saw an uptick and more people are concealed carrying for self defense.


I personally think concealed carrying, let alone carrying a handgun, should be legal. This also holds true to the second amendment by allowing men and women of the United States to bear arms. The ability to carry a concealed weapon to protect yourself and/or your loved ones in a less than ideal situation, can save lives. However, there are people that would abuse their ability to carry a concealed weapon, giving other people who carry a concealed weapon a bad reputation.

Should concealed carrying be legal? Why?


Should you have to get a permit to carry?


Would you consider concealed carrying in the future?



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    • I agree, no matter how strict we make our gun laws, there will always be people that have guns who shouldn't.

  • I think that concealed cary shoud be legal because It allows people to protect themsleves in the best way they can. I don't want to put my own safty in the hands of others. When seconds matter the cops are only minutes away.

  • In my opinion, concealed carry should be legal if you have a permit. This world is dangerous and while people should be able to defend themselves, there needs to be a lot of regulation on who can own and carry weapons. Without regulation, those that abuse the freedom of concealed carry will become the very reason that people get guns.

  • I think that concealed carry should be legal for all people who are authorized. I think that they should have some sort of certification to be able to carry. I think a shooting test or something would be good. People should probably be 18 to carry a weapon.

  • I think that concealed carrying should be legal, unfortunately there are many situations that could happen where it would be useful and needed. I do think you should have to get a permit to carry, you should have a clean background and be able to be trusted with it because things could go very wrong if certain people get to carry. I will consider carrying when I am the age that I think it is necessary. This is a good way to protect yourself. 

  • I think I would consider Concealed carry in the future, and I do think it should be legal. It's the 2nd amendment, ( allowing us to carry guns and to have them), if we aren't allowed to do with them as we please then wouldn't that be breaking something in the amendment?

    • I agree, I would consider carrying a weapon in the future as well.

  • I think that Concealed Carrying should be legal I mean it has been for a while and there haven’t been very many problems besides the people who take advantage of those rights. I think that it is a good idea for self-defense in cases where you feel the need to protect your family. I do understand why people think that you should have a permit to carry because it lowers the chances of people robbing places or school shootings, but either way that probably won’t make much of a difference. I think in the future there will be concealed carrying because it is the way it has been for a long time and a lot of people think that it is a good idea.

  • I think concealed carry should be legal because it provides incredible self defense. There are plenty of instances where people are getting mugged on the street and they just pull out a gun and the situation is resolved. I would conceal carry when I'm older because I can't think of a better way to protect myself.

  • I think that it should be legal because it is a great way for self defense. It is a good ything to have to be prepared if anything happens because you never know with people these days. I think there are some people who should not have it and i think you should go through a huge course of having it and have to have a clean background.

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