Should Concealed Carrying be Legal?

Concealed carrying has been a very controversial topic ever since it was legallized in Georgia in 1976. Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming allow permitless concealed carrying. Meaning that you can buy a handgun and carry it legally without having a special permit. 


Concealed carrying was federally banned in 1813, however, you could carry a weapon for self defense that was not concealed. Such as pistols, rifles, or knives. In 1976, Georgia was the first state to allow concealed carrying of a handgun with a permit. Up until July 1st, 2021, Iowa required a concealed carry permit. After the law passed in Iowa allowing people to buy handguns and conceal them, handgun sales saw an uptick and more people are concealed carrying for self defense.


I personally think concealed carrying, let alone carrying a handgun, should be legal. This also holds true to the second amendment by allowing men and women of the United States to bear arms. The ability to carry a concealed weapon to protect yourself and/or your loved ones in a less than ideal situation, can save lives. However, there are people that would abuse their ability to carry a concealed weapon, giving other people who carry a concealed weapon a bad reputation.

Should concealed carrying be legal? Why?


Should you have to get a permit to carry?


Would you consider concealed carrying in the future?



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  • Great topic choice and good job overall. I would like to see you educate people on both postitions on permits and concealed carry before going into your opinion. Also be sure to reply back on three different days.

  • I believe that concealed carrying should be legal in most places if not everywhere. I think the second amendment is a human right that they can't take away, and it should be legal to carry a gun with a permit. Even if it wasn't legal, bad people would still carry one and then the people following the law could get shot and have no chance to survive.

  • I think that concealed carry should be legal because if someone starts to shoot up a restaurant/ rob a grocery store, who is going to stop them. They have a gun and no one else (legally) would. It You should have to get a permit and a thorough background check.

  • In my personal opinion, I do believe that concealed carrying should be legal everywhere. I think that it is a basic human right to have the ability to defend yourself if a situation ever arises. And in the modern day and age, this means carrying a weapon on your person.

  • I do think that carrying a gun should be legal everywhere, but I believe that in order to carry it, you should have to have a permit. I think that the permit is a good idea because it makes it safer, and it can keep guns away from some people that shouldn't have them.

    • Keeping guns away from the wrong people is vital for our gun safety.

  • I think carrying a gun as a form of self defense should be legal. However, I think it should be a requirement for one to have a permit in order to do so. Personally, I see requiring a permit to be able to carry a gun as a way to possibly prevent people who should not have a gun from getting one.

    • I agree that there should be a permit to limit certain people that may not be able to safely carry.

  • I personally think concealed carrying should be legal everywhere with or without a permit (states can choose) because it helps defend yourself from criminals and danger. I will definately conceal carry almost everywhere I go in public so I can try my best save myself or anothers life if something bad or harmful occurs.

  • Yes, I think that concealed carry should be legal.  The amount of people that concealed carry has saved is incredible.  It is hard to stop bad people with a gun if good people do not have guns.  I think that people should be allowed to carry to help people and not to harm people.

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