Should companies use machines over people?

Robotic Machines have been around since 1948, when the first robot was invented by William Grey Walter. The first ever robot to function properly was the Unimate. General Motors installed the first robotic machine to work in their factory in 1961. This robot's designed job was to move hot pieces of metal. This took many people out of work due to the fact that the machines could do the dangerous and hard jobs with no injury. 

Since the first robot was invented and placed in a work environment 14% of workers say that their jobs have been replaced by a robot since 2021. In 2022 the automation of America lost over 75 million jobs. This is because Automation created 133 million jobs by the beginning of 2022.  By 2025 the estimated number of jobs controlled by machines will reach tp 97 million. 

These machines  have caused many problems with workers.The workers feel like they are taking more jobs away from the people. Others think that this will be a more effective way to run companies. Some advantages to machines are they increase efficiency and productivity. They reduce error, reduce risk rates, and improve safety for employees in high risk or dangerous work environments. Robots also improve organization and are cost effective for the workplace. This is because they will not need to take lunch breaks, holidays, sick leave or changing shift times.

Although some people like these robotic machienes others would disagree. These machines have caused many job losses or potential job losses in the future. These machines  can also cause high cost of implementation, thinking and doing something without having to be programmed. Robots can also be at risk of cyber problems and data protection. These machines are connected to the whole environment causing hackers to better be able to hack into important information. The Autonomous Robots also take time to charge and move slower and can have machine errors.  

In my opinion I do not think that These robots  or any type of autonomous Machines should be part of our society. They take jobs away from the people and that could cause a lot of problems such as unemployment.


Do you think we should replace human workers with Machines? 


Do you think that by 2030 there will be Machines/Robots running everything?

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  • In my personal opinion, I think that it would be a good decision to replace human workers with robots in extremely dangerous jobs. But, I do not think that we should  replace all of the labor jobs, because many people do not have the skills to do other jobs.

  • I think that we should replace humans in certain harder jobs such as extremely dangerous jobs. Jobs that involve using very high temp objects or very sharp machinery. But also at the same time, those people who work at these highly dangerous jobs will be forced to choose new jobs or won’t be able to have a job because of machines taking their places in the workforce. So the unemployment rate will go up much higher than it already is in America. This isn’t very good because that will only mean more people will need to have government assistance which might increase the amount of food and many other things.

    • I agree that the machines/robots should be working with hard and dangerous jobs. 

  • In my opion any job you do can be dangerous even if you are sitting in a office something could happen. I feel like we should have people working in a company and not make machines to do it. It may be faster but it is not the safest thing to do for the company.

    • I agree that we should have people working over machines. 

  • I think that all the dangerous jobs and the jobs that have mass production needs to be automated. I believe all the factories that build cars, phones, and computers, will be robotic by 2030. Becasue the busnesses will not have to pay their enploys, and the robots are going to be more efficant.

    • I agree because the machines will do the job faster. 

  • I don't think we should replace human workers with machines. This could lead to unemployment for many people. The only jobs that I think should be done by machines are dangerous jobs or jobs that can't risk any errors. I think in 2030 there will be more jobs with machines as workers. 

    • I agree and it has already increased unemployment. 

  • it depends on what job like i dont think you should replace many retail workers with machienes but maby factory workers could be replaced so it depends on the job and what is needed in the job

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