Should College be free?

Should College be free? 

College affordability is among the top connserns. When the cost of attending college universities, or trade schools is just too high. With the price increasing american students chose not to attend these schools. And leaves them unequipped to find good employment. And attending college leaves you with massive debt that leaves tamper with there abilities to attain at least a middle class lifestyle. 


Ther once was a time when you could attent college for free. The morrill act of 1862 so that higher education could be avaliable to americans. In 2019 the total amount of student debt in american was estimated to be around $1.6 trillion more than 20% higher just a few years before. 


But, Free college can be taken advantage of by joining the U.S Military. But also Military academies is highly competitive adn you also have to agree to attend the service for years after graduation. 


They say that job requirements are going up but families and students cannot afford to go to college and wouldnt be able to pay off the debt. If students could go to college for free then the american dream would be a thing. America need higher educated students. 


Traditional public schools are free to attend. That gets us a high school diploma for free and we'll have no debt on our hands. college should be free because of the higher demand of education in the U.S. 


In my opinion, I believe that college should be free, sudents get to go the high school for free to get a diploma but not a degree in college. Students should have the right to go to college for free. Students deserve the education they want. If college was free then students would be more likely to attend college for further education but they cant due to the cost and debt they will recieve for attending.




Do you think college should be free? why?

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  • Casey,

    This topic has been done a couple times before. Be sure to comment back more frequently as well.

  • I don't think college should be free. I do think that college should be cheaper because spending more than $20,000 just to be able to learn is ridiculous. Some people don't go to college because of how costly it is and they can't afford it.

  • I don't think that college should be free. If college was free. then college students wouldn't learn as much independace and responisblity. They also wouldn't learn about making student loans. Because it would be free, a lot more people would want to go, making colleges go through hundreds of more applications. I think that xthey should lower the cost of going there. 

  • I do not think that college should be free.  If we make college free then all of the money from the government will be putting their money in to the Universities.  If you can't afford college join a trade or something like it. Trade school jobs may be an even better option than college.

  • I personally don't think that college should e free, but I definitely think it should be cheaper than it is now. I also think that if the college would be free it would be less respected among people hiring because it would be way more common. So as a result college should be cheaper or when you apply for financial aid you should get more money.

  • I don't think college should be free. Many students would take advantage of it if it were free. I also think that if college were free it would be less respected because many people would go there and mess around. Colleges would also have to find a different way to pay the professers. 

  • I do not think colleges should be free because there's so many colleges in the US that if it becomes free, where are they gonna get that money? They're gonna get that money from the government. Where does the government get their money? They're gonna get it from taxes. So if every college is free then taxes will go up by a lot, because taxes would be paying for every single college.

  • I belive that college shouldn't be free. I think that because if its free it's gonna come on your guys taxes and then were all gonna not like that. I also think that it shouldn't be free cause I feel as they pay for stuff for you already so I think that you need to buy stuff as well.

    • yeah i see what your saying but many students now days with prices all over the united states increasing many stundest will not have enough money to go to those colleges becuase they cannot afford it  

  • I do not think that college should be free but I do think that it should cost less than it does. I think having college cost less could get more people to go to college and just stop after getting their highschool degree. I think that cirtin colleges should be cheaper than other based on the schooling it takes.

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