Should car manufacturers make the older cars again.


with older vehicles people can feel more safe while others may think they are less safe because of the less safety feautures. most people like older vehicles because they look better than newer ones. but having older vehicles can have pros and cons.



the good things about older vehicles are some older vehicles look better than the new vehicles. They had steel bodies and not able to get crushed as easily because the newer metal isnt as strong as the older steel bodies. most people in todays world dont know how to drive a manual and its a good thing to know how to do. manual transmission has better gas mileage on the highway and easier to fix if the vehicle has problems because they dont have any electronics in them to fix so you can fix them yourself.  older cars dont always cost as much as the newer cars and are more likely to just buy the older vehicle so you wont have any payments.



bad things about older cars are you will have to pay full cash for the vehicle. they break down more often than newer cars. they dont have as much safety feautures as the newer cars do such as tire pressure symbols or blind spot warnings. they dont have detectors while in reverse so older vehicles wont stop by themselves if they detect an obstacle but newer cars will. some newer cars have heated seats and heated steering wheels. most newer cars have better gas mileage because you need to rev the older vehicles to get it to go. 



personally I think people should drive older vehicles for better safety if you are in a car crash but you can drive whatever you want I would personally drive older vehicles because most of them are manuals and dont have to spend as much money on repairs and they look better than newer cars.  having older cars are a good experience to have if they are manuals and you can keep that talent because a lot of people dont know how.


do you think people should have older vehicles?

do you think having an older vehicle would be beneficial to you?



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  • Good topic choice Taven and good job overall. Your summary is good but be sure to capitalize words that should be. You could have alos replied a few more times.

  • I think they should bring back the old car styles but make improvements in all of the electrical, mechanical, and just all around tune up to make the cars more reliable and safer leading to less break downs. I think this would benefit me because it could teach me how to drive manual. And older cars usually last longer so they can be pasted down to younger siblings or can be driven longer then newer cars

  • I don't think older vehicles should be a much but I do agree that having a manual would be just a good idea to use in day to day situations. I don't think having an older vehicle would benefit me the most just for the fact that of trying to get somewhere in a timely manner.

  • I don't think that they should make the older cars because they'd have to redesign the cars to fit all of the new safety features in them.  I also don't think that they should make them because it takes the rarity out of owning a classic car.  I don't think that owning a classic would benefit me.

  • I think that older cars should still be manufactered but at a much slower rate than the newer ones. I think people like older cars because many people are enthusists. For the safety i think that older cars should get updated to the newest safety system. 

  • I feel as if we should reintroduce the old designs of them while keeping the same technology and saftey we have today. The thing people like about older cars is the design if we preserve this them people would love and it would sales for car companies.

  • I think that car manufacturers should bring back older body styles. I think this because they look better in my opinion and they tend to last a bit longer. I think that they should have the older body styles but have modern commodities in it. It wouldn't neccessarily be more beneficial but, I think it would be a hot seller.

    • i agree because a lot of people like the older styles more but they did break down a lot if they had older parts in them.

  • Yes I think that they should have a throw back year. The older cars where made better look better and most of them happen to run better. Sure they might have been smaller less tech but that would be 10 times better. I think that there sales would go up if they did a throw back year. 

  • I think that they should make old cars. I think that if they do make older models they can be more affordable to purchase. I think that they should make older models but with some of the new features that the newer model has.

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