Should ag classes be required in High School?

Should Ag classes be required in high school


I don't think ag classes should be required in high school but should be encouraged because everyone around here is eating the products of what we grow as farmers every day. Some people dont even know where their food that they eat comes from. Ag plays a big role in today’s world without it there would be no food for us to eat. You would not be able to go to your favorite restaurant and order hardly anything without it being tied to agriculture. In some ag classes will teach some science and that will be useful in your future life. Ag classes dont only teach you about these things it can teach you important life skills that you can use in any job in your future.


Some other people think that agriculture classes are pointless. They think that since they are going into a business field when they are older they dont need to have an ag class when they are in high school.


Do you think ag classes should be required in High School?

Are you in any ag classes?

Do you plan of having a job in ag later on in your life?



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  • Great topic choice Ben! Your summary is brief and you should have commented more regularly as well.

  • I don't think ag classes should be required although I think that people, who are interested in ag-related jobs, should take them because they teach you many skills that might you might need if you do decide to go into the ag field. I think they should be an option but the school should push for kids to take them every year that they are in high school.

  • I personally think that agriculture classes should not be required because not every student wants to pursue an agriculural job. I think students should be able to pick thier own classes based on what they want in the future. I don't plan on taking any ag classes at all.

  • I personally do not think that schools should require its students to enroll in an agriculture class. I do not think that it makes sense to force students to take agriculture classes if the student has no plans on going into a career field that uses agriculture. I am not currently enrolled in any agriculture classes. 

  • I don't think you it should be required because either someone isn't interested in it and they don't need it for there career. Im not in any ag class and I don't plan on doing any type of job that would involve something with ag.

  • Yes I am in a ag classes to learn about soil and the right fertilizer's and also to be in FFA. If I didn't take a ag class i would not be where i am today in FFA.

  • In my opion a ag class shouldn't be required, but it should he highly encouraged. I would only take this class if you are going to have a career in agriculture or enjoy it. Don't take a class if you are not going to enjoy it, but agriculture is a very fun and interesting career to be a part of. 

  • I don't think ag classes should be required. Many people don't want to have careers in agriculture, so they could be replacing that class period with something that will help them with there career. I think if your interested in ag, you should definitely take the class though. 

    • I agree people can take calsses that will help with their future jobs when they are out of college.

  • I don't think that an ag class should be required for students. Even though agriculture is a huge industry and is tied to everything, everyone has different interests and some don't want to go into an agriculture career. I'm in an ag class as I plan to hold an agriculture career in the future.

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