Senators in Tennessee getting expelled

Have you heard about the three democrats that protected their own congress? First, high school students started protecting gun rights in the state of Tennessee. This caught the attention of three employees that were working in the house. Two of the employees were black males and the other was a white female. During the protest the house was getting super mad cause the three employees were bringing thousands of people to help protect against gun rights. 

Second, the house decided to have a vote, which has only been used twice since the 1800s. Each of the employees got the chance to speak to the whole house for 20 minutes, to tell their story on why they protested. The first male spoke about how he wasn’t standing up for himself, he was standing up for the young teens. The second male spoke about how he wasn’t trying to cause any more harm to the house but the teens needed him. The woman spoke about how she was just trying to do what was right for her state. 

Third, the house had a vote and both the black guys got voted out and the one white female got to stay in the house by just one vote. Now people in Tennessee are protesting that it is both racist and sexist that the white female gets to stay and the other two men get expelled. The house starts saying that they need to get rid of the gun law because of the school shooting that took place in an elementary school. I can see why the house wants to get rid of the guns, but it is going to be hard to. 

Finally, to this day there are still people protesting on both sides of the dapate. Who knows how long this is going to last. First the fact that the house voted out the two black males and the white women was saying and doing just as much.

What are your thoughts about potesting?

Is the house being sexist or racist or both?

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  • Good topic choice and well done Caden!

  • I don't think that this was a decision based on the race of the two gentlemen who got voted out. No, I don't think that the two black men should've been kicked out and not the white woman. I think that it should've been an "all or nothing" vote for fairness' sake.

  • I think that it would be fine to protest, but peacfully. This incident seems to be unfair to the two who were expelled. I think there could be a form of sexism and racism. There could be some stories or stuff we may not know about. 

  • I have not heard a lot about this event, but it seems like there could be many reasons why they choice to do what they did, and I don't personally believe they were trying to be racist or sexist. I think democrats want to make republicans look sexists and racist. 

  • I have never protested but I feel that if I felt very passionate about something then I probably would protest. I am not sure about if it is sexist or racist, I feel this because I am not sure that I know enough about it. I also feel that there are some things that aren't racially drives but get called that. Same thing with being against women.

  • Personally, I don’t think it was right for the 2 lawmakers to be completely removed from their positions. They were technically breaking the rules by being on the floor of the chamber while protesting, but I definitely think kicking them out of congress was a major overreaction. I believe racism could have played a part in deciding who could stay and who must be removed since all 3 legislators broke the rules in some way.

  • This is the first time that I am hearing about this. I think that it is freedom of speech and people should be able to speak out as they like. I do think that it was a bit sexist towards the males by kicking them out and letting the females stay. As long as the protesting is not violent, then protesting is just fine.

    • I agree it is sexist toward the males.

  • I hadn't heard about this protest until now, I think that it is okay to protest in a peaceful manner. I don't think it was right to kick the men out but let the woman stay, it's not fair, and our constitiution says that people can protest. 

    • I agree you can protest in a peaceful manner.

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