Semester Test Schedule Fall 2014

Semester Test Schedule



                                                                                   December 17-19

Make-up Test Day – Friday Dec. 19


Wednesday, December 17                         Thursday, December 18


Period 1      8:10   -   9:10   (60 min.)          Period 2        8:10    -  9:10     (60 min.)

Period 4      9:40   -    10:40 (60 min.)          Period 3        9:40    -  10:40   (60 min.)

Lunch        11:10 -    12:10 (60 min.)          Lunch           11:10  -  12:10   (60 min.)

Period 5      12:25 -    1:25   (60 min.)          Period 7        12:25  -  1:25     (60 min.)

Period 6      1:55   -    2:55   (60 min.)          Period 8        1:55    -  2:55     (60 min.)


Friday, December 19


Make-up test day


Students who have an approved absence during scheduled testing times will report at 8:10 on Friday December 19th.  They will need to make arrangements with their teachers to take their final exams and they must be finished by 1:30pm.


Missing Tests:


Open campus during semester tests is intended to give students more responsibility for managing their time and reporting on time for scheduled tests.  Students who fail to report for a semester test will not receive credit in the class unless they have an approved excuse from the administration.  Students with approved excuses will be afforded the opportunity to makeup the test on Friday Dec. 19th  beginning at 8:10 a.m.  Failing to report on time will be treated as not reporting and credit for the class will be forfeited unless made up on Dec. 19th.  Teachers will report to the office all students who were late and turned away and who failed to report during the scheduled testing time. 


The expectation is that students take the semester test to meet the requirements of the course. 




  1. The eight testing periods align with the eight instructional periods in our school day.  Please notice that the periods are not in sequence.


  1. Students will need to be in school only when testing.  The cafeteria will be the study room for students who wish to remain in the building when not testing.  Students in the building will be testing or in the study room.  We will insist on a quiet testing environment. 


  1. Students who are testing will remain in the room until the end of the period.  Please do not request to leave early.  If you complete the test early, use the extra time to prepare for your next exam and avoid conversing with other students.


  1. Students who show up late for their test will not be allowed in the room.  Without a valid excuse, you will forfeit credit in the class.  Give yourself plenty of time to ensure your timely arrival at the school and in the room where you will be testing.  Valid excuses for arriving late will be few if any.  We have scheduled adequate passing time between periods to avoid the problem of reporting late and to give you a break after each testing period.


  1. The testing periods are sixty minutes in length affording each student ample time to do their best.


  1. Friday Dec. 19th  will be used as a make-up day for students who have approved absences during one or more tests.  All students who have approved absences and missed an exam will report at 8:10 a.m. and work through their normal daily schedule until all tests have been taken or a reasonable schedule for make-up has been arranged with the student’s instructors. 


  1. Teachers are reminded to take a normal lunch break during test days (including the make-up test day).  Normal equates to 36 minutes.


  1. Semester tests, projects, or demonstrations are expected in all classes awarding academic credit.  These assessments should have relevance, relate to the standards identified for your curriculum area, provide meaningful data for your review, and can count up to 20% of the final semester grade.


  1. Please remember to contact the parent of any student who is in jeopardy of failing your class.  Please refer to item E under Grading Guide on page 7 of your Teacher Handbook for an explanation.     


Make-up test day


Students who have a test(s) to make up will have until 1:30 p.m. to do so unless arrangements have been made with the teacher.



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