School Dress Codes

Dress codes play a big part in numerous schools in America and around the world. These dress codes make it so students do not wear inappropriate clothing. Many schools enforce stringent dress codes; however, some schools do not. Are these dress codes targeted toward a specific gender? There are several different opinions on dress codes at school. But wouldn't you think if the dress code is pointed toward the whole school, it's not aimed at one specific gender? 


Some people say that school dress codes are very biased towards the female gender. Many sources say over half of the rules in the dress code handbook apply to female clothing. If a girl is being dress coded for distracting the male gender, should that really be her own fault? Various people think that this is the male's fault for getting distracted by the female body. Females should be allowed to dress in what they are comfortable in.


There are also people that believe the dress codes are targeted toward both genders, male and female. Lots of these people think that dress codes are helping assist a more professional learning environment for students and they need to be kept the same. Sources say, “Over 69 percent prohibit items typically associated with males, such as “muscle tees” and “sagging pants”.”


In my opinion, I think that the school dress codes can often be pretty biased toward females. It does seem that many of the rules for dress codes are mainly pointed at females and very few are pointed at males. I would say almost 95 percent of students that get coded are females. 

Do you think dress codes apply to females?

If so, do you think they need to be changed? 

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  • Good topic choice and well done Paige!

  • I think that the dress code should be reduced and not so strict on the dress code. I also think that the dress code is targeted toward women in schools. Plus, if someone gets written up about the dress code they should just be told not to do it again instead of getting in trouble for it.

  • I think that females do usually get hit harder than men when it comes to dress code. However, the reason being, a lot of female clothing trends show a lot of skin. Mens clothing doesn't really show much, unless it's like a cut off or tank top. I think that it will just be the way it is forever.

  • I think the dress codes apply to girls more then boys. Becuase many boys are able to wear tank tops and can take there shirt off in after school practices but no girls are able to do that. Yes, I think the dress code needs to be changed I think girls should be aloud to wear whatever they want as long as its not to bad. 

  • I think that some dress codes should apply to females and everyone but also some are not needed and too strict. Some could be not even a big deal and still students are forced to go home and change.  I agree that no males get dress coded and that it is all females.

  • Dress codes are applied to males and both females you can't just wear a shirt that shoes half of your stomach or people just need to wear school approtie clothes to. It isn't that hard some people don't wanna see more skin than clothes on their bodies.

  • I don't think that dress codes only apply to girls. I do see girls get dress-coded more than boys but I also see more girls wearing questionable clothes than boys. I feel like if a boy showed up in a crop top and short shorts they would get dress coded just like a girl. i think they are good as they are but people need to make better clothing choices.

  • I don't think school dress codes apply only towards females and that they should be a thing. Most girls just want the attention and can get a little showy at times which is why it seems more  biased. I do not think they should be changed and that they are fine the way they are.

  • I think that the code is ok. Just where cloths that don't show you body as much and move on. People get to hung up on how they look for school. We come here to learn witch still not fun but we don't need to see how nice you can look. I think that it is fine and girls get hit more because they where more stuff that affects it. 

  • I don't personally think the dress code applies to strictly females because males can't be wearing certain things as well. However, everything can be improved and changed to make it better; so in general, yes some rules need to be changed but in all the rules are mostly common sence and justly enforced. 

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