Saint Patrick's Day ( explained )

Saint Patrick’s Day 


We celebrate this holiday on March 17th on each year. It is celebrated because of saint patrick and the arrival of christianity in Ireland, and celebrates the heritage and culture of the Irish in general. This includes celebration of wearing green or shamrocks, parades, and / or festivals. But there are some strange traditions that come along with Saint Patrick's Day…


One strange thing we do on Saint Patrick's Day is pinch anyone who is not wearing green. Emerald isle is one on Ireland's nicknames and green is Ireland's flag colors. Green is  also wore because of shamrocks and its connection to this holiday. According to the folklore. Green makes you invisible to the leprechauns and only pinch you if you are not wearing green. And leprechauns like to pinch! 


One other thing that is also odd is the shamrock. What does a plant have to do with Saint Patrick's Day ? Well the three leaf clover Is known as the unofficial national flower in Ireland for a long time. Some might see it as an educational symbol to explain the Holy trinity to non believers. Only after Saint Patrick died did we start looking closer at shamrocks. Which was on march 17th, that is why we celebrate Saint Patrick's Day on march 17th. It started becoming important to religion and celebration of the Saints feast day. Some would even wear them to church to look nice and earn more respect. Shamrocks are also seen as good luck, so many would carry them around as lucky charms! And it only got more popular from there. “This Plant is worn by the People in their Hats upon the 17. Day of March yearly,” is what Threlkeld wrote after Saint Patrick passed away. 


I think Saint Patrick’s day is pretty fun and interesting thing to do. Plus green is my favorite color!


  • Do you wear green on Saint Patrick's Day?
  • Do you pinch people who don’t wear green? 
  • Do you like Saint Patrick’s Day?

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  • Good topic choice and summary. It is a bit late and you didn't reply to any student comments which is worth 30 points. +5 new topic

  • I didn't wear green this Saint Patricks day simply because I forgot. I don't pinch people that wear green, it's a cute thing to do when you're young and don't have naything better to do, but in high school I don't think it's very reasonable. Saint Patricks day is fine, I don't really have an opinion on it.

  • I didn't wear green on saint patricks day, because I forgot it was that day, but I didn't get pinched because nobody really cares anymore. Saint patricks day isn't a bad thing, but I would not be heart broken if we didn't have it, because it doesn't really mean anything to me.

  • I wore green on Saint Patrick's Day but not intentionally, it was just luck that I was wearing grean. On Saint Patrick's Day I did pinck my dad, who was not wearing gree, but I just did it as a joke and I only did it to him. I find it a fun and interesting day, I also find it kind of funny to see all the people wearing green, which is also my favorite color.

  • Normally I wear green on Saint Patrick's Day just to mess with people and so I don't get pinched. I pinch people as a joke but only if I know them well and know how they would react. I do not mind Saint Patrick's Day, however, I am not a big fan of it because it doesn't mean very much to me.

  • I don’t usually wear green on St. Patrick's day because I forget. I don’t usually wear green that often anyways. When I was younger it felt like a bigger deal and most of the time I would remember to wear green. Personally, I think it is an interesting holiday, but not my favorite.

  • I dont wear green on Saint Patrics day, but when I was younger I alwase did. I dont pinch any one on Saint Patrics day becasue I dont wear any green. I dont mind Saint Patricks day, but its not my favorate holoday.

  • I wear green on Saint Patrick's day and i'm not actually gonna pinch them but I joke about it. I think that Saint Patrick's day isn't really celebrated and people forget about it. It's fun to do stuff like that every once in a while.

  • I don't wear green, as I forget that the day even exists. When I wake up at 5 in the morning, I don't think about wearing green. I don't pinch people because I don't wear green, and I think that it is a dumb idea. Personally, if I get pinched, I would turn around and punch the person who pinched me.

  • I personally like Saint Patrick's Day for one main reason. And that is because my mom makes homeade Shamrock Shakes. I basically just wear my usual oufit on Saint Patrick's Day. If I have green on, then it's whatever. Sometimes, I'll just wear a green sticker to show that I'm wearing green. 

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