Rumors Aaron Rodgers will Boycott at Super Bowl

Aaron Rodgers was rumored to use the Packers possible Super Bowl appearance to boycott the NFL’s Covid guidelines. The Green Bay Packers are the #1 seed in the NFC playoffs and have a high chance of making it to the Super Bowl, but Aaron Rodgers was rumored to use this to protest about his beliefs on the NFL Covid guidelines. For example, he doesn’t support the random testing of asymptomatic NFL players or the push to be vaccinated against Covid-19 to play in the NFL.


Aaron Rodgers has not fully supported the NFL’s Covid guidelines since Week 1 of the season. The NFL has pushed NFL players to be vaccinated and abide by certain protocols. However, Aaron Rodgers is not vaccinated against Covid-19, along with Vikings QB, Kirk Cousins, and Colts QB, Carson Wentz. While the three quarterbacks have not been very public on their decision, Rodgers did speak about it after catching Covid-19. “I’m not some sort of anti-vax, flat-earther,” Rodgers said. “I believe strongly in bodily autonomy and the ability to make choices for your body, not to have to acquiesce to some sort of woke culture or crazed individuals who say you have to do something.” Rodgers has also not appreciated the NFL randomly testing asymptomatic players. 


Despite Aaron Rodgers catching Covid, and being put down by fans, he does not plan on being vaccinated. He also turns down the rumors that he is going to turn down the possible opportunity to play in the Super Bowl to protest NFL Covid guidelines. I agree with Aaron Rodgers, I am not fully for getting vaccinated, but I believe it is your choice on what you want to do and believe what you want. I do not think Aaron Rodgers will turn down the opportunity to possibly play in the Super Bowl to boycott covid guidelines. I also don’t think he will speak about his opinions on the guidelines more, considering how quiet he has been on it so far.


Do you think Aaron Rodgers will boycott against the NFL’s Covid Guidelines?

Do you think Aaron Rodgers will speak more about his vaccination decisions?

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    • I think he should also play in the Super Bowl. He isn't scared of Covid then he can go play and do what he wants. However, if some players are scared then they don't have to play, and that is why some players have opted out of the season for covid reasons. There is a system set up for if the players are scared of it or not.

  • I think that Aaron Rodgers not getting the vaccine is fine because the vaccine wasn't tested right and could cause problems to the human body. Aaron's choice about not getting the vaccine could potentially make him a healthier person because the vaccine could make people get the virus. To be one hundred percent honest I support his choice about not getting the vaccine.

  • I think that they should play no matter what because I think the covid-19 will spread no matter what we do.  But if NFL and they told me to get the vacine I would just to not make any drama over it but I think you should have the choice to get it or not to play in the NFL and he is probably going to the Super bowl so I would let him play. But I think it is stupid if the NFL does not let him play because of Covid.

  • I think it is okay Aaron rodger has not got the covid vaccine. it is your choice if you get it or not if he gets tested every other week he should be fine and be able to play.

    I think he will speak mrke about his vaccination decisions becuase he has nothing to hide becuase he doesnt have the vacine nore does he want it 

    • I agree, if he doesn't want to get the vaccine, I am 100% percent okay with that because it is his choice and his beliefs. He shouldn't be thought upon different by the NFL or others just because he isn't vaccinated.

  • I feel a vaccination status shouldn't matter at all, it is the players personal choice and the NFL should respect that. Aaron Rodgers probably won't turn down the possiblity for a super bowl ring just to make a point or protest. The team relies on him and trusts him, with all of that responsiblity as a quarterback and leader of the team, I don't feel he will boycott the super bowl. I also don't think he will speak any more on his vaccination status and decisons regarding the vaccine. 

  • I think it would be huge if Aaron Rodgers did not play in the Super Bowl. But I have a lot of respect for him if he did not play in order to stand to his truth. I feel as if he would be letting down his team a little bit but if playing means going against his beliefs than he should do what he believes in.

    • I also think it would be huge if Aaron Rodgers did not play in the Super Bowl. He knows he would be letting down his team, and that is why I think he woulnd't sit out in the Super Bowl to boycott his valid beleifs. 

  • I personally could not see Aaron Rodgers boycotting the NFL's Covid Guidlines and not play in the Super Bowl. I feel that his love for the game and the responsiblity to the team will not allow him to put such an opprotunity at risk. I also do not think that he will speak further on his vaccination statis because his history of not wanting to bring his personal dicisions into the game of football.

    • I agree, he only has 1 Super Bowl ring, but is arguably one of the best quaterbacks ever. I don't think thet he would ever turn down the chance to possibly play in a superbowl, no matter what his beliefs are. He also is a huge part of the team, as we saw in the lions game, and he wouldn't do that to his team.

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