Rumors Aaron Rodgers will Boycott at Super Bowl

Aaron Rodgers was rumored to use the Packers possible Super Bowl appearance to boycott the NFL’s Covid guidelines. The Green Bay Packers are the #1 seed in the NFC playoffs and have a high chance of making it to the Super Bowl, but Aaron Rodgers was rumored to use this to protest about his beliefs on the NFL Covid guidelines. For example, he doesn’t support the random testing of asymptomatic NFL players or the push to be vaccinated against Covid-19 to play in the NFL.


Aaron Rodgers has not fully supported the NFL’s Covid guidelines since Week 1 of the season. The NFL has pushed NFL players to be vaccinated and abide by certain protocols. However, Aaron Rodgers is not vaccinated against Covid-19, along with Vikings QB, Kirk Cousins, and Colts QB, Carson Wentz. While the three quarterbacks have not been very public on their decision, Rodgers did speak about it after catching Covid-19. “I’m not some sort of anti-vax, flat-earther,” Rodgers said. “I believe strongly in bodily autonomy and the ability to make choices for your body, not to have to acquiesce to some sort of woke culture or crazed individuals who say you have to do something.” Rodgers has also not appreciated the NFL randomly testing asymptomatic players. 


Despite Aaron Rodgers catching Covid, and being put down by fans, he does not plan on being vaccinated. He also turns down the rumors that he is going to turn down the possible opportunity to play in the Super Bowl to protest NFL Covid guidelines. I agree with Aaron Rodgers, I am not fully for getting vaccinated, but I believe it is your choice on what you want to do and believe what you want. I do not think Aaron Rodgers will turn down the opportunity to possibly play in the Super Bowl to boycott covid guidelines. I also don’t think he will speak about his opinions on the guidelines more, considering how quiet he has been on it so far.


Do you think Aaron Rodgers will boycott against the NFL’s Covid Guidelines?

Do you think Aaron Rodgers will speak more about his vaccination decisions?

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  • Well done John!

  • I do not think that he will boycot the superbowl unless he intends on retiering, because that would probably end his career. But I do think that he will speak on his vaccine decisions to try to get some preasure off his back.

  • I do not think Aaron Rodgers will boycott the Super Bowl. This may be one of his last chances at a Super Bowl and he will want to win before he stops any guidelines. I also believe he created enough talk throughout the league when he had Covid that he wont speak about his vaccination decisions any time soon. However, going into the 2022 season I could see many NFL players speaking out on their decicions and trying to make a change if nothing is done yet. 

  • No, I don't think Aaron Rodgers will boycott against the guidelines because he does want to play in the Super Bowl. It wouldn't make since for him to do so because he only has one Super Bowl and he is looking to get another, but him boycotting would get in the way of him doing so.

  • I don't think that Aaron Rodgers will boycott agianst the guidelines because of what he's risking. This year going into the playoffs as the 1 seed he has a solid chance at making the Super Bowl, meaning his legacy is on line. Personally, I can't see Rodgers not playing in one of the biggest games of his career just to protest. Additionally, I believe that he might reveal more about his decisions because he doesn't want the fans to be misled anymore than they already have.

  • No, I really could never see him not playing in a game over a mandate and COVID rules. I think that the rumors have been started about him because people do not enjoy and support his actions. I think that he will eventually speak out about the guidlines and decisions but right now I do not think it is one of his priorities.

    • I definetly agree, I think these rumors were started about hime because they don't support is decisions. People just want to try to make others think bad things about him. I definetly don't think Aaron Rodgers would turn down the possible oppurtunity to pay in the Super Bowl.

  • I think boycotting would help the mandate get put in place. But for the season he has had I really don't think he would. I think his chances of making the super bowl are super high and I think if he finally makes it then he will realize he can't risk not playing. 

  • I dont think he will boycott against the nfls covid guidelines. Because he seems to want to go to the superbowl. he will possibly lose his chances of participating in the game so i think  he should speak up and explain if he is or not.

    • I don't think he will boycott at the Super Bowl either. Aaron Rodgers definetly wants to go to the super bowl, and I don't think he would turn down that oppurtunity.

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