Roller Rink or Ice Rink?

Roller skating rink or Ice skating rink? I feel Harlan should add either one of these. Roller skating rinks are a fun thing to do in your free time. They have been around for about a century. 1930-1950 was a popular time for roller skating then again in the 70s and 80s. Roller skating is a fun thing to do with friends and family. Whether it be rollerblading or roller skating you could go out and enjoy it. A rink costs around $75,000+ but this is not including what renter skates would cost and maybe some extra fun stuff. 

An Ice skating rink is also very fun. Ice skating rinks have been around since 1876 so they're pretty old too. An ice skating rink/hockey rink would cost up to $200,000 to $600,000. Now not only could a person skate for fun but there are some other perks to ice rinks. Figure skating is a sport that some people might enjoy doing around Harlan. Figure skating is a sport in which individuals, pairs, or groups perform on figure skates on ice. Another fun sport that could be added to Harlan is Hockey. Hockey is like football on ice with sticks instead of hands so I feel Harlan would enjoy it. (the only downside to the sports is they may cost a lot of money)

If it were up to me I would definitely add an ice rink to harlan. I feel it would be a fun thing for many people to do. I also love watching hockey and skating is pretty fun to do.



~What would you choose, ice rink or roller rink? Why?

~Should we add either to Harlan?



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  • I don't think that we should add a roller skating or ice rink to Harlan because we're not a big enough town for it to make much money. If we did add one though, I think it should be a roller skating rink because you can do it in the summer and winter. 

  • I think that having a roller rink would be more enjoyable for majority of people. I think we should add one of the two to harlan because there is nothing to do in this town...

  • I think that a roller rink would be fun, but with the ice rink it would bring out more sports and hobbies. We already don't have that many places to go or things to do in Harlan so at least adding something I think would be fun.

    • I agree that adding something would make Harlan more fun. 

  • I think harlan should put in a roller rink. Theres not much to do in the small town of Harlan then to go to the movies. It gives teens the opportunty to get out and stay active. I think it would also help kids stay out of trouble and make good friends. 

  • I don't think think that Harlan has enough people to add either of these, but if I were to choose I think I would pick roller rink. I think that there is more stuff to do and it would be easier to control with like tempurature and it would be easier to maintain. Although I don't think that either would last in Harlan that long.

    • I see where you can see that we won't have enough money but I've thought about it and I feel people around Harlan would come to the rinks too. If you add all these people, that would most likely enjoy it, then we might have enough money.

  • If I had to choose between the two I would choose a roller rink. I think this because I feel there is more to do at a roller rink than at an ice rink. I don't think that Harlan should have either because even if 50% of Harlan residents went, it wouldn't be enough revenue to maintain and profit.

  • I'm going off the idea that if we did have enough people and the rink was able to maintain itself revenue-wise, then I would choose the ice rink. I personally enjoy ice skating more than roller skating. ice skating is just easier for me than roller skating.

  • I would choose a roller rink. By my grandparents house there is a roller rink and we go sometimes. I am not very good because I don't go very often. I feel like if harlan had one, I would master it! Ice skating seems way more scary to me and I don't like it.

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