Roller Rink or Ice Rink?

Roller skating rink or Ice skating rink? I feel Harlan should add either one of these. Roller skating rinks are a fun thing to do in your free time. They have been around for about a century. 1930-1950 was a popular time for roller skating then again in the 70s and 80s. Roller skating is a fun thing to do with friends and family. Whether it be rollerblading or roller skating you could go out and enjoy it. A rink costs around $75,000+ but this is not including what renter skates would cost and maybe some extra fun stuff. 

An Ice skating rink is also very fun. Ice skating rinks have been around since 1876 so they're pretty old too. An ice skating rink/hockey rink would cost up to $200,000 to $600,000. Now not only could a person skate for fun but there are some other perks to ice rinks. Figure skating is a sport that some people might enjoy doing around Harlan. Figure skating is a sport in which individuals, pairs, or groups perform on figure skates on ice. Another fun sport that could be added to Harlan is Hockey. Hockey is like football on ice with sticks instead of hands so I feel Harlan would enjoy it. (the only downside to the sports is they may cost a lot of money)

If it were up to me I would definitely add an ice rink to harlan. I feel it would be a fun thing for many people to do. I also love watching hockey and skating is pretty fun to do.



~What would you choose, ice rink or roller rink? Why?

~Should we add either to Harlan?



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  • I  love to do both, but i like to ice skate more, its just fun dressing warm and being outside in the fresh air, bit i would perfer and roller rink in harlan just because you could do it all year round and it would make great money and things for kids to do on their breaks instead of staying home.

    • I agree that Ice skating is really fun to do. Ice skating could  be year round too though if it were inside. 

  • In my opinion, I would want an ice skating rink, but it would probably be too expensive. In a town, I visited, they had a roller skating rink to go to, so I would prefer an ice rink so I would have more variety However, because ice rinks are expensive, I think the money could be put to better use for something else. I don't think that it would be best to add to Harlan.

  • I think that Harlan should add a roller rink. Roller rinks are a great activity for friends and family and can operate all year round. A roller rink would bring in great business for Harlan as it would be one of the only ones around. I personally haven't been to either an ice rink or a roller rink, but it is something I would be interested in if it was closer to home. 

    • I agree that roller rinks are a great activity for people to do. I feel you would enjoy both if you tried, skating in generial is really fun in my opinion.

  • I say roller rink. Ice rinks are probably expensive to maintain. Also, Ice rinks are cold. I would prefer roller rinks. I also think Ice skating is impossible. 

  • I would personally say an Ice Rink. I understand the levels of precautions that would need to be taken in order to keep this place up-to-date and safe. For example, Ice rinks use skates that have sharp ice blades on the bottom, this could be seen as a hazard to many people. However, I think that an ice rink would be far more fun than a roller rink due to the scenery. 

  • I would choose a roller rink. The main reason would be that its more of an all year round kind of thing. Plus I think roller rinks are more fun with fun colors and music. An ice rink would be super fun but it would be more expensive. 

  • I think most people around here would like a roller rink better. But in the city where hockey is a big sport, an ice rink would be a lot better. I have been on both and I think both are very fun. I don't really think we would need one in Harlan cause not as many people would use it. 

    • I disagree that not many people would go to a rink. I don't think that just Harlan people would be using the rinks but towns close to Harlan too. 

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