Project Colossal; Animal Redemption

Maybe you’ve seen an ad here or there, heard a rumor or something of that sort about Project Colossal. Project Colossal is a bioengineering company that is using CRISPR technology to revive prehistoric animals for the benefit of today’s world. They do this by locating intact and well preserved specimens and extracting the DNA.  With that extraction being done, they have most of the genetic makeup that they need and are implanting a hybrid into a genetically similar species.


The top candidate is the Wooly Mammoth.  The Wooly Mammoth is being pursued to stop climate change and reverse it.  In theory, by introducing the Wooly Mammoth to the arctic plains (Canada, Russia, and Northern Europe) these behemoths will pack and keep the permafrost layer intact longer. 


Another candidate is the Tasmanian Tiger.  The names give it credit, but in actuality it is simply a marsupial in a wolf’s clothing, so to speak.  The Tasmanian Tiger will join the Dingos as an Apex predator.  This will reduce the population of herbivores and in theory will downsize the opportunities for wildfires in Australia because the forests will stay more lush and resist burning.


I personally think that seeing a Wooly Mammoth, something we’ve been dreaming of for decades would be great in real life. It’s kind of like the phrase “the sky’s the limit”, as the sky used to be limit before space travel. As we continue to learn and develop genetic modification, a couple questions come to mind: 


Do you think that this is ethical?


Do you think that this would be an effective way to decrease climate change?


Are there any animals you would want to see on the list?



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  • Great topic choice and well done overall Abraom. I would like to see your summary a bit longer.

  • I  personally don't think that it is very ethical. I think that we should be using technology in ways such as creating cures for different diseases for those who need them more than others also I don't know if it would be an effective way to change climate change.

  • I do think it's ethical when it comes down to it benefiting us. I don't know if it would be effective on the decrease of climate change because I don't know much about that topic. I do think it's unethical if they go further into this and perform this on humans or try doing this with other animlas such as dinosaurs. 

  • I think that this is perfectly ethical, it doesn't hurt an animal to be born. I think that it could be a effective way to decrease 'climate change' and I would like to see the T-Rex on this list because they look cool and they make loud raw noises.

    • Why the T-Rex?  I mean I get that they are cool, but that would be catostrophic.  They are giant and eat things.  It would be difficult for us to continue as a species. 

  • I do stop and think because if it is no longer here then there is a reason it is no longer here so it should probably not be brought back. I am not suer about climate change and weather or not something needs to be done about it or not. I think that I would continue with not beinging any animals back.

    • What if we take a step back from doing extinct animals.  Would it be ok if we used this for endangered and threatened species? Take elephants, what if we made more then possilby make it so that they don't grow tusks so poachers would not be interested in them. 

  • I don't think that this is very ethical. I think that we should be using our technology in better ways such as creating cures for different diseases for those who need them and just creating other stuff to help people. I really don't know if this would be an effective way to decrease climate change.

    • I think that we could not spend all of our resources on one thing.  Some of us could donate money to places that bring back extinct animals or increase endangered species and then other people can send money to places to make cures, and then even other people can send their money to support crazy stuff like time travel and useless math. There's enough money around to support a variety of things.

  • I think that this is ethical but dangerous. For example, using dna could make something from the prehistoric that they weren't really imagining right now. It will also be strange to the cycle of life because if you add new animals to the life cycle, some animals will have hardships surviving with more competition. I can't really foresee the reason or what will it do to climate change and I would like to see a hybrid or an actual dinosaur like a Raptor.

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