Powerade vs Gatorade

 Gatorade is the original sports drink that was made in 1965 while Powerade was later made just to rival Gatorade in 1988. Powerade and Gatorade are both very popular sports drinks. These two drinks are marketed to improve the athletic performance of an athlete. Although both sports drinks do the same thing there is a big difference between the two. There are both pros and cons between both drinks, but which one is better?


   Powerade is sweetened with corn syrup while Gatorade is sweetened with dextrose which is chemically identical to corn syrup. Powerade has more vitamins than Gatorade. Gatorade is slightly better at replacing lost electrolytes than Powerade, but not by much. Both drinks have the same amount of sugar and carbs. Powerade has 10 more calories than Gatorade. According to statistics Gatorade does use healthier ingredients like sugar and uses more potassium and sodium to help supply athletes with electrolytes, but doesn’t have a lot of vitamins.


 Gatorade does sell more than Powerade does which does prove which drink people like more. Both drinks are very similar when it comes to ingredients, but both do have different tastes. I personally like Gatorade better than Powerade because it tastes better and uses healthier ingredients compared to Powerade. 


Which drink do you like better? Why?

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  • I like gatorade better. I think that gatorade has a stronger taste and powerade is kind of watered down. But honestly the flavors taste the same exept one is stronger. I don't drink those drinks hardly ever but when I do I never pick powerade. I usually always chose gatorade but its rare that I drink those. 

  • I personally like Gatorade better, I believe that it has more of a better sweet taste. Whenever we are choosing which to buy in bulk, we usually end up buying Powerade because it is cheaper. I still drink it and enjoy drinking Powerade u just prefer the taste of Gatorade.

  • Personally, I don't really have a preference. Personally, my preferences depend more on flavor instead of which brand is which. I can't really taste if there is a big difference between the two. 

  • I personally like Powerade because it's just a little bit sweeter. I do see Gatorade ads a lot more than I see Powerade. If it comes to the flavor, blue and red, I'd prefer Gatorade. For any other color, I would prefer Powerade. 

  • I like powerade and gatorade but if I had to choose I would probably pick gatorade becaue there are so many more flavors. But, I think they are both very similar. Most people prabably drink gatorade though becuase it is more popular.

  • I personally prefer powerade over gatorade, just because I think that it tastes better. Espacially the blue and purple one. I think that more people drink gatorade because it is more popular. In Germany for example we only have powerade and not gatorade. 

  • I personally don't like or drink the sports drinks Gatorade or Powerade. If I had to pick though I would pick blue Gatorade because I think that is the most tolerable flavor.  I know a lot of people who drink both and prefer Gatorade over Powerade though.

    • I agree, I think people like Gatorade better because they have more flavors and taste better to most people.

  • I like Gatorade more than Powerade because I think it has a lot more flavor. I also just like the brand of Gatorade more. I like the water bottles they make, the pods they make to put into the water, and the energy chews they make. Powerade isn't horrible I just don't think it is as good.

  • I don't really mind either and I'll drink it no matter what brand as long as I like the flavor. I think that Gatorade is better at it's job (restoring electrolytes) and the orginal story of Gatorade is that a Florida school's students created a drink to restore energy better than water to their football players.

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