Powerade vs Gatorade

 Gatorade is the original sports drink that was made in 1965 while Powerade was later made just to rival Gatorade in 1988. Powerade and Gatorade are both very popular sports drinks. These two drinks are marketed to improve the athletic performance of an athlete. Although both sports drinks do the same thing there is a big difference between the two. There are both pros and cons between both drinks, but which one is better?


   Powerade is sweetened with corn syrup while Gatorade is sweetened with dextrose which is chemically identical to corn syrup. Powerade has more vitamins than Gatorade. Gatorade is slightly better at replacing lost electrolytes than Powerade, but not by much. Both drinks have the same amount of sugar and carbs. Powerade has 10 more calories than Gatorade. According to statistics Gatorade does use healthier ingredients like sugar and uses more potassium and sodium to help supply athletes with electrolytes, but doesn’t have a lot of vitamins.


 Gatorade does sell more than Powerade does which does prove which drink people like more. Both drinks are very similar when it comes to ingredients, but both do have different tastes. I personally like Gatorade better than Powerade because it tastes better and uses healthier ingredients compared to Powerade. 


Which drink do you like better? Why?

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  • So the topic of gatorade has not been done since 2009! I do want to say that I have to be careful with topics like this otherwise it's all I will see--grapes vs oranges, red vs blue, tall vs. short, etc.  I do like that you discussed the history but I would like to see you go further down that road. It would help expand your summary as well. Also, be sure to check back Thursday afternoon as you had a lot of comments yesterday with no replies.

    Overall though, you did a good job and I will give you two extra points for at leats doing a topic that is new.

  • I prefer Gatorade over Powerade. It has a bigger variety of flavors than Powerade does, which helps in having people choose it over Powerade. Because Gatorade also has healthier ingredients, people are more likely to choose that one instead of the other. 

  • I like both but if I would have to decide for either one of those, I would choose Gatorade because they have more flavor options. like the purple flavored is probably the mostly liked one. Gatorade is doing their advertising way better, in my opinion, than Powerade.

  • I'm not a fan of either drink, but if I had to choose I would take Gatorade. I like the flavors better and the wider range of options. I also think that Coca-Cola does a better job marketing the product, which is why it is more popular. And at least for me, Powerade makes my stomach upset.

  • I peronally prefer to drink Gatorade. I think that the flavors taste better, the majority of the time (Purple Powerade is just a completely different story), and that Gatorade has more options for flavors. I also think that Gatorade has the better marketing. After watching commercials for both brands I am much more likely to go buy a Gatorade than I am to go buy a Powerade.

  • I personaly like gatorade better because of their veriety of flavors. You have some weird ones like cucumber and watermellon to the clasic ones like cool blue or fruit punch. If you actually look at the ingredients on the labels of both of the drinks they are acutally not healthy for you at all. 

  • I like gatorade better because the taste and the fact that they use healthier ingredients. I also think that gatorade makes me feel better if I drink it after a workout. I also think gatorade is better at marketing and has a lot more products which helps the company.

  • It has been proven that the first of an items type that comes out usually is favored more. In this instance gatorade was in fact produced first and tends to be more known and better overall. Gatorade is a better choice in my opinion because of the better flavors and better branding.

  • I think they're both good purple powerade just hits different. I have no idea why but that's the only one I've really drank and I had gatorade when I was like 8 so I don't even remember what it tastes like so I'm not gonna compare with no info on one. I'm just saying purple powerade=muy bien.

  • I do not have a favorite one but I will say gatorade has more flavor options. If someone handed me a powerade I would still drink it or same thing if someone gave me a gatorade. So in my opinion both drinks are good to me.

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