Post Malone Drug Use Accusations

In the last couple of months ago Post Malone was accused of using drugs before his concert because he was out stumbling and falling on the stage. A viral TikTok was posted of him stumbling on stage and slurring his words as he performed his song. His fans have also accused him of using drugs because of his drastic weight loss. His fans are very worried for his health and whether it’s alcohol or drugs he is starting to abuse them instead of using them for “fun”. Post Malone has come out and denied all of these accusations saying “I’m not on drugs and I feel the best I’ve ever felt in my life”. Whether you think he is or isn't, if he is, he should be stopped because it is terrible for his health and it's not healthy for him to be doing this, especially at a concert in front of thousands of his fans and millions online. 


Do you think that Post Malone is abusing drugs? 

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  • Yes, I think that post malone is abusing drugs because taking drugs is bad and no one  should take them for not so smart reasons. If you want to lose wait then just work out like the rest of the people in the world do. So yes I think he is abusing it.

    • I agree that they are taking them for stupid reasons.

  • Yes, I think Post Malone is abusing drugs. I also saw a TikTok with a lot of people commenting about him messing with his shirt and moving kind of different, and the TikTok was saying that he just gets really bad stage anxiety. I think that if it was really stage anxiety he wouldn't have even gone on stage in front of that many people or anything. 

  • I think that it is very possible that he is abusing drugs, but he could also be trying to better himself by losing weight and being healthier. You mention that he was slurring his words during the concert that could be because at the time he was intoxicated due to drinking before he got on stage. I’m not saying that there is no way possible that he could be abusing drugs, but instead of assuming things right away just because he is a rapper, he is doing drugs. He has a lot of people that listen to his music and are fans of his, but it is not very fair for them to assume that he is doing things as seriously as this.

  • He probably is. Its what every young celebritie does, especially music artists. There is a long history of artists who use drugs with all the money they get from their productions. Elvis did a bunch of drugs, juice world and other big rappers do drugs. Its pretty common.

  • I think Post Malone is abusing drugs along with many other people in the music industry. I think he definitely needs some help and is very unhealthy. He could be an even more talented artist if he would get some help and lay off the alchohol too.

    • I agree that he needs some help with his problem.

  • I think that he may be abusing drugs and alcohol but I've heard some say that he normally preforms like that. A large amount of singers are drug abusers. The music industry has become so involved in drugs. If he is abusing drugs, I hope he gets the help be needs.

  • I do believe Post Malone is abusing drugs. It seems like most rappers and singers take drugs or abuse them. I wish he would never do this because he has some pretty good music. Even if he is or isn't he needs to realize that he has a lot of great fans.

    • I agree that he has a good thing going with all his good music and his fans but if he keeps going down this path he will lose all of that.

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