Post Malone Drug Use Accusations

In the last couple of months ago Post Malone was accused of using drugs before his concert because he was out stumbling and falling on the stage. A viral TikTok was posted of him stumbling on stage and slurring his words as he performed his song. His fans have also accused him of using drugs because of his drastic weight loss. His fans are very worried for his health and whether it’s alcohol or drugs he is starting to abuse them instead of using them for “fun”. Post Malone has come out and denied all of these accusations saying “I’m not on drugs and I feel the best I’ve ever felt in my life”. Whether you think he is or isn't, if he is, he should be stopped because it is terrible for his health and it's not healthy for him to be doing this, especially at a concert in front of thousands of his fans and millions online. 


Do you think that Post Malone is abusing drugs? 

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  • I think he may be abusing drugs. The amount of weight he lost also could be from another mechanism, other than drugs. If Post Malone is abusing drugs and or alcohol, he shouldn't perform while intoxicated. 

  • I think that he might be abusing drugs. I think he should not do that before concerts because there are millions of people there that can get worried if he falls on or off stage. The drugs can also affect his health which can cause him to die or be hospitilized. Another reason why I think he might be abusing drugs is that many people that are famous in the film and/or music industry take drugs to keep up with their busy schedules.

  • I think he may be using and abusing drugs, but we don't really know for sure. I also think that most people like post malone abuse drugs. If you are a big-name singer/songwriter, you most likely abuse drugs. I think this because most rap/pop songs are about drugs.

  • He might be abusing drugs but I heard that he just always performs like that. He could have lost weight from something else. If he says he's happy so i guess let the man be. 

  • I think that Post Malone is abusing drugs because who doesn't when you are supposed to be all cool and famous when all you do is smoke weed and party all day. When someone that is as influential as Post Malone or some other big names and they abuse drugs they have earned no respect from me.

    • I agree that when you are famous like post malone you just think that they can do what they want and party all day and abuse drugs

  • I think that Post Malone is abusing drugs. I feel that most singers/songwriters do abuse drugs. I feel this way because that is what most of them base their songs off of and how would they know if they've never done it. Drugs are not something to mess around with but it is seen all around us today. 

    • I agree that he shouldn't be messing around with drugs.

  • I agree that Post Malone is abusing drugs. Some proves can be how much weight he has lost and for him to modify his voice or his singing skills. I do think this is going to have a negative effect in his life even if he said that he has felt better now. I think it will end up affecting his singing and performing in concerts. 

  • I think Post Malone is abusing drugs, and it's not only him but a lot of other rappers/singers to. Drugs have been a big issue in the music industry for a while now. It has also caused a lot of deaths throughout the years and a lot of good musicians have let drugs take over. It's really sad because it's not healthy at all and more and more good musicians are dying from drug overdoses and its disappointing.

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