Pineapple on Pizza?

Do you eat pineapple on pizza?  Let's dig in to know the statistics and history of it 


Despite being called the Hawaiian pizza it is actually first created in Canada in 1962. Sam Panopoulos, the creator of the pizza, thought to add canned pineapple to his pizza, not knowing that it would become a huge success. Why did it become a success? Well, no one really knows for sure, but they think that it reminded people of the tiki craze that happened in 1959. The name Hawaiian come into play when Sam Panopoulos saw on the can that it said Hawaiian. 

82% of people surveyed by YouGov said that they actually like pineapple on pizza, while 29% said that they hated the idea. 53% liked the idea of fruit being on pizza in general, and 12% said that they disliked it.  Another Survey said given by Slice, 54% of people didn't like the idea of pineapple being on pizza, While 46% thought it was a good idea. At least the idea of pineapple being on Pizza was more acceptable than strawberries! 

You may be wondering, why do people like pineapple on pizza, and a way that it could be considered " acceptable". One reason is the sweet and saltiness balance. The sweetness of the pineapple and the saltiness of the ham, sauce, and cheese balance each other out. On the flip side, some people say that it is just too juicy and they don't like the sweetness with the pizza. 

Personally, I really like Pineapple on pizza and so does my sister, but my brother, on the other hand, hates the texture. Whatever you pick, that is up to you and that is your preference. 


Do you like pineapple on pizza? 

What's your favorite pizza topping? 






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  • Well done overall Sabre! The topic isn't my favorite but is is new and you did go into the history of the pineapple pizza which I appreciate(+3). I consider this topic a "fluff" topic as it doesn't really require any deep thinking of one's opinions and require much thought. That's ok though as many people replied to it and you did an outstanding job replying back to students!

  • On ocassions I like pineapple on my pizza but not very much its all opiniated anyways. Just like how some people like ranch with there pizza. My personal favorite pizza is beef pizza but thats just my opnion, we all have one.

    • Thank you! It is everyone's opinion in the end! I agree with you 100% 

  • I personally do not like pineapple on pizza, but I do not enjoy pineapple in general all that much. I do not really think that it belongs any where near a pizza, but at the end of the day its peoples' preferences and I couldn't care less. My favorite topping would have to be the classic pepperoni.

    • I agree with you! It is all about peoples' preferences at the end of the day! I feel that sometimes people don't remember that, but they should. 

  • I hate pineapple on my pizza because it is disgusting. In my opinion, pineapples on pizza makes it taste too sweet and salty, which ruins the entire taste of the pizza. My favorite topping on my pizza is pepperoni because it tastes the best.

    • I like pepperoni also, only as like the circles though, I don't like it in chunks 

  • I personally like pineapple on pizza, I grew up with it and to this day it is still one of my favorite pizza toppings. I think it adds a sweet element to the pizza that can not be found any where else. I can also see where people would find it strange, and why they dont like it. 

    • I can see how some people may find it strange also. 

  • i personally dont think that pinapple on pizza is the best but it is ok. My favorite pizza topings are all meat or meat lovers pizza. but i will eat pineapple on a pizza if its the only option. Another one of my favorites is chicken bacon ranch.

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