Pancakes V.S. Waffles

Pancakes and waffles are the classic breakfast food. Some people say one is better than the other. Some say they are the same, waffles just have divots. What's the difference? Why is there a big debate about the two breakfasts? 


Pancakes are a very well known breakfast food. Pancakes are healthier by 18 calories, plain. Pancakes are fluffy, warm, and soft. People say that pancakes are better because they are soft and way easier to eat. Waffles are hard to eat. Also the syrup doesn’t get stuck in divots like waffles do. They also go well with almost every other breakfast food. Pancakes are very easy to make. From scratch and from a box. Pancakes are also known to go with any meal. 


Waffle lovers think they are better because they are crispy and taste better. They have very toppings and never get soggy. Waffles are savory and sweet. Waffles can also come in different flavors such as banana and chocolate. Waffles go together with most everything. They can vary from cream cheese and strawberries to fried chicken. Waffles can also be eaten at every meal.


Personally I think waffles are better because the divots in them could be very useful like for holding syrup. Also fried chicken goes very well with waffles, way better then with pancakes. 

Do you think waffles or pancakes are better?

Whats your favorite combo with them?,they%20are%20easy%20to%20reheat.,eighth%2Dgrade%20social%20studies%20teacher.

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  • I like eating waffles more because I ate to many pancakes when I was younger and now im sick of them. I've only ever eaten pancakes or waffles plain with bacon, eggs and other breakfast combos. I think pancakes are better with chocolate chips in them though.

  • I am a pancake fan myself. There is really not that big of a difference between them in my opinion.  I think that the pancakes have a slight advantage. Some people like waffles more because of the holes in them. I like the pancakes because they soak up the syrup 

  • I think that waffles are better than pancakes because they hold the syrup on top and taste better. The indents in waffles tend to keep and hold syrup better than a pancake can also they are more crunchy. Personally, I think that chocolate and blueberry waffles with syrup is the best.

  • I like pancakes better than waffles. They are both very similar and taste basically the same,  but I think that pancakes are a lot easier and faster to make.  My favorite combination is blueberry pancakes with butter and syrup. 

  • I like waffles better than pancakes they just have more crunch in them and they can hold the syrup in the little square holes. I love the crunchiness of the waffles pancakes don't have that crunch. I just love waffles way more than pancakes. 

  • I like both equally, I think they are very similar in taste. My favorite combo would be pancakes and waffles with fruit. I eat pancakes more often than waffles but I do enjoy waffles at restaurants. They are both really easy to make and can have many different toppings. 

  • I personally like pancakes better because they don't make me as full as waffles do. I think it is also easier to make pancakes. I like eating my pancakes with syrup or peanut butter. I like adding strawberries or blueberries too. 

  • I like both pancakes and waffles a lot but for me, I have pancakes more than waffles so to me waffles are more special which is why I like them more, pancakes are good but waffles are just better in general.

    • I agree, I rarely have waffles anymore so when I get to eat some they just taste 100% better then pancakes. I feel that pancakes started tasting bland once they added more ingredients and waffles became bigger. 

  • I believe they are basically the same thing, but in a different shape. I think waffles are better because you can just throw them in the toaster. A waffle seems more convenient and easier to eat. You can eat waffles without syrup too.

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