New MLB Rules

The MLB has introduced new rules to be enforced during the 2023 season. One of the rules is a ban on defensive shifts.  A defensive shift in baseball is when the players shift to one side of the field in order to better their chances of fielding a ball and making an out.  This is more common in the Major Leagues and collegiate level because they are able to watch films and look at tendencies easier.  Another reason it is not as common in high school baseball is that players are not as consistent in their hitting tendencies. This rule could help some players because they consistently get out because of the shift.


Another new rule coming to the MLB is a pitch timer. The timer will give pitchers 30 seconds to throw a pitch between batters and 15 seconds between each pitch while no runners are on base.  There will be a 20-second pitch timer when there is a runner on base.  They are adding this because they want to speed up the game.  The MLB thinks that it will gain views by speeding up the game. 

They are also making the bases bigger.  They are expanding from 15-inch bases to 18-inch bases. They are doing this to make it safer for the base-runner and the fielder.  I have seen that many MLB fans do not like this new rule.  They feel like this will make the game less fun because it gives the baserunner a bigger advantage because there is more area to land or slide into while running.  


I am personally not a fan of these new rules. I feel like the MLB is making too many rules too fast. I feel like a lot of baseball fans agree with me. They don’t want the game of baseball to change too fast and too much.

What is your opinion about the new rules of baseball?

Do you think the MLB is righteous to make these rules to gain more money?

Do you think that the players should have a say in the rules?,inches%20closer%20to%20second%20base

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    • I agree with you. I think that the players should get a say in the rules of the MLB. They are the ones that the rules affect.

  • The new rules in the Mlb i think are dumb. I think that the MLB should have done this cause they are gonna get so much hate for it. I think that the players should of had a say on this because I bet some players are gonna leave because of these changes.

    • I agree with you. I am not a fan of the new rules that have been implemented. I think that they should have eased into the addition of the rules.

  • I thnk that the new rules are happening too fast, it should be more like one at a time. I understand the MLB wanting more money and doing things to try to get more money. But I also think that the players should have the largest impact of what the rules are because they are the ones who need to follow the rules.

    • I agree with you. I think that the rules would have been accepted more if they were added slower.  I think that the MLB could have eased into it.

  • I personally don't like how the MLB is changing up the game of baseball. Go back to when baseball was very popular and keep the rules the same. Also, go back to when no one was complaining and use those rules. The MLB is going to lose fans her real quick with all these rules. 

    • I agree. I am not a fan of how the MLB is changing. I agree with you about going back to when baseball was popular.

  • I personally do not know very much about baseball and the rules. I think it is a good idea that players have different rules. I also think that players could have some say in the rules and what they are doing while playing the sport. 

    • I do not think that these rules would help the players. I actually think that they could hurt the players style of play.

  • In my opinion I don't like the new rules becuase they are too much of a difference than last year, for example the bases should grow an inch every year until like 2025. I don't think it will increase the leagues revenue by a lot this year but it might in the future. I think that the players shouldn't have asay because they are just playing the game how there told.

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