Thirty two year old Lindsay Clancy is accused of assault, strangulation, and murder of her five year old daughter Cora, 3 year old son Dawson, and 8 month old son Callan. Her children were found in the basement of their Duxbury, Massachusetts home on January 25th. 

Donna Jesse who is a relative of the Clancy family said, "They were just beautiful children. Well cared for. They were just beautiful."

Lindsay Clancy jumped out of a window and her husband called 911 on January 24th. According to Cruz, Duxbury first responders discovered threee children unconscious inside the couple's home. % year old Cora Clancy and 3 year old Dawson, were pronounced dead. The 8 month old was flown to Boston Children's Hospital with traumatic injuries. Callan Clancy, 8 month old, was prounounced dead on January 27th. 

The DA has announced that she would face charges including murder, stragulation, assault, and batter with a deadly weapon.

Patrick Clancy, the husband, has forgave Lindsay Clancy and he wants the whole world to forgive her. Postpartum depression is really serious and Lindsay was obviously not in the right mind and postpartum depression can make you do things and think things you don't actually mean. She truly loved her kids so much and so many people could tell that she loved them a lot.

Do you think that Lindsay Clancy deserves to be in jail for a long time? Why?

Do you think that post partum depression had any part of this?

Do you think Lindsay Clancy should be forgavine? 


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  • Good topic but focus more on postpartum depression than the accident. Educate people about it. What are your thoughts. Your summary is more of an article summary which ios not what I'm looking for.  You didnt reply to any student comments which is worth 30 points.

  • I think that this could go both ways. She should be punished in some way whether it is rehab, or jail time. Because it was indeed a sort of mental illness, she wasn't really "sane" enough to be caring for her kids in a way. This is difficult to decide what to do especially because it's hard to prevent.

  • I do think shee should face jail time, yes post partum depression is real, i do blieve it played a part in the murders. No she shouldnt be forgiven she still made the choice to commit these crimes, regardless if post partum depression played a part in it.

  • I think that she should be checked out but not jailed for a long time. She was not at all in the right headspace and most likely had no idea what she had done. What I don't understand is that if it was postpartum depression then why did it happen at the time it did? I do not understand why it wouldn't have happened a lot sooner.

  • I think she should still have to go to jail, even if it was caused by a mental illness, she should still have to pay for her actions. You can't just use it as an excuse to get out of murdering someone, especially your own kids. Postpartum depression may be a difficult thing to cope with, but if she was really feeling that bad and unstable she should've asked for help instead of murdering her own kids.

  • Even because of depression, I think that she deserves to go to jail. You just can't get away with murdering an innocent child that has a long future. I think that no matter how bad of a thing someone does, they deserved to be forgiven. But that does not mean that she gets away with this. I think she should be in jail for a long time.

  • I think postpartum depression is real. I think her depression caused her to do what she did, but she still killed three young children. I get that she could have gotten help for her post partum depression, but maybe she was ashamed. Maybe she felt like she would be judged by others. I think she should be forgiven some day, but I feel like it would be hard for people to forgive her for killing innocent children.

  • I still think she deserves to go to jail because she still killed her kids there are other ways to go about that if she wasnt in the right mind set and couldn't take care of them. Her post partum depression could have been a reason for why she did it. He husband should have seen the signs and got her help. 

  • I beleive on what she did was very wrong but if they send her ti prison right away she is going to kill herself or even harm someone else. she needs to get help becasue postpartum depression is really bad and she needs to go to a mental jospital

  • I believe that what she did was very wrong, but they shouldn't send her to prison quite yet. Because I think she needs to go to a mental hospital first, and then prison. Because if she goes there first, then her mental health will worsen in my opinion. 

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