Missouri Dress Code for Women in The House

In Missouri, on Wednesday, January 11th, lawmakers put into place a more strict dress code only applying to women. The dress code states that "trousers and dress shoes or boots. Proper attire for women shall be business attire, including jackets worn with dresses, skirts, or slacks, and dress shoes or boots. For the purposes of this rule, "jacket" shall include blazers and knit blazers. This rule shall apply to all." This means that no matter what a woman in the house is wearing, they have to wear a jacket of sorts with it


While the code for men is, "proper attire for gentlemen shall be business attire, including coat, tie, dress trousers, and dress shoes or boots." As you can tell, the dress code is much more relaxed for the men of the house. The vote for the new dress code passed with 105 for and 51 against.


In years past the house has always had a strict dress code for both genders due to the nature of the setting, but this new code is outrageous. I understand why people would want a tighter code, they want it to be more professional. I also understand why others wouldn't want it to pass, they want women to be more comfortable in their workplace.


Do you think the code should have been passed? Why or why not?

How do you feel that the code passed?

Do you think that there should be changes to the code? If so, what?








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  • Great topic choice and well done Chloe! I do think your summary could be a tad longer. 

  • I think the dress code is not that bad considering that both women and men have to wear business professional clothes. The only thing I don't get is why women have to wear a jacket no matter what. It makes no sense considering if it's hot no one will want a jacket. It would not hurt to remove the weird jacket rule.

  • I think that to an extent, dress codes are reasonable. When people are working they're there to provide the service they applied for in the first place. I do believe that too strict of dress codes are over the top in some cases, and depending on religion, that's different. People should be comfortable with what their wearing but respect what they're there to do.

  • I dont think this should have been passed. Women should be able to wear whatever they want, unless, obvoiusly, it has to do with their religion. There should be no set dress code on what to wear. I find it very ridiculous and sad that this was passed. 

  • I think women should decide on what to wear as long as it dosent go over the limits, this law should have not have been passed because everybody should be able to wear what is approtie and they like. It was a bad descion to let this pass.

  • I do not think that this dress code should have been passed because women should be able to decide what they want to wear and what they don't want to wear. I think that the code should be changed back, but I understand that they want them to look more professional. 

  • I think that the Missouri house dress code is stupid. Women can be very formal and professional without having to dress like a man.Yes more proper attire would be cared for, but will a shoulder distract the entire house? I believe that the code should be changed back. People believe that men are greater than women, but they do not know that women are sometimes more capable than men.

  • I do not feel like this should have been passed I feel like it is very dumb and they have no right telling them what they should and shouldn't wear if they were able to get this high of a position they should know how to dress in the office and it's weird why they can't just wear long sleeves and take off their jackets,

  • I think that woman and men should wear what they want and not have to have a dress code so extreme as that. Its uncomfortable and yes, it may be proffessional but students are at school for hours so why don't we just let students wear what they want. It'd be way easier and less arguments about this topic.

  • i dont think this code should have been passed as women are their own person so they should get ot decide what they want to wear. i feel that the code passed is really dumb as it is really stupid that women dont have controll on what they want to wear. i personally think the code should just be dissmised and women can wear what they want. 

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