ITED Test Incentives

You will be taking the Social Studies ITED test on Tuesday, October 21st. Below you will see that you can earn up to 20 extra credit points for the second quarter if you improve and/or do well on the Social Studies ITED test. Improvement is based on your previous years score on the Social Studies ITED test.

Freshmen and sophomores will have the following options:

  Students can earn points toward their semester grade in a class according to the following scale:


            Improvement                 Bonus points


            1 percentile                   10 points

            2 percentile                   12 points

            3 percentile                   14 points

            4 percentile                   16 points

            5 percentile                   18 points

            6+ percentile                 20 points


            60-69 percentile             5   points

            70-79 percentile             10 points

            80-89 percentile             15 points

            90-99 percentile             20 points

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