Is there an issue with online fraud?

Is there and issue with online fraud? Around 5.88 million people end up getting their information stolen every year. If you ask me that is a lot of information that gets stolen. That number is only on the rise. The number has risen 77% since 2020. I have a feeling that if people don’t start paying attention to the things they put online, or even the places they are on then they are also going to experience fraud. One out of ten adults experience fraud from online places. 47% of the people who have had money taken have been from scam websites that they have come across on facebook, instagram, or other websites. Ways you could prevent this is by being aware of the places you are on, reading reviews, and even look up the website without using the link on the place you came across it.

What would you do to prevent this?

Do you know someone who has experienced this if so what did they do?



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  • Your topic choice is fine but it is brief. Be sure check back and reply to student comments.


    I think that to prevent this there should be more security sites for technology that are free that people don't have to spend money in order to make sure their information is safe. I know a few people who have lost their information and money. Just last week my uncle's credit card got used without his permission. This person spent $200 more than my uncle even had in the account he had to cancel his card. Other people I know have just had to live and learn because there was no way to trace where the money went or how to get it back.


  • I think there should definetly be somthing to do with online fraud. Its not fair for companies/ scam websites to trick us and steal our money. My step-mom got scammed on an online fraud website. The website claimed it was "kays jewels" and it was super sketcky. 

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