Near the end of the 2022 college football season, Deion Sanders became the coach of the Colorado Buffalos football team.  He was previously had come from an HBCU program at Jackson State University.  At Jackson State, Deion Sanders went 27-6. However, Deion Sanders never won a bowl game in his tenure at Jackson State. He coached for three years at Jackson State. He coached his son, Shaduer Sanders, at Jackson State. His son followed him to Colorado and will play quarterback for the Buffaloes’ 2023 season. However, Deion Sander has brought a lot of publicity to the Colorado football program. He sold their spring game out for the first time in program history.


Many believe this is an excellent hire for the Colorado Buffaloes program. However, Deion Sander has created some problems. Since Deion Sanders has taken over at Colorado, there have been 41 Colorado football players that have entered the transfer portal. The NCAA allows 105 Athletes to be rostered on the first day of class or the first game, whichever comes first.  Almost half of the eligible roster has transferred out of Colorado. Could this be from other reasons rather than Deion Sanders’ coaching style? Yes. However, he has kicked people out of the weight room for wearing the wrong socks. He has also implemented a new dress code to wear around campus and to team meetings. 


Personally, I’d still play for Deion Sanders. I know that he’s very strict and he wants it to be done his way, but I like that he has a goal in mind. He wants to win really badly. As long as his players still there buy into his ideology, I think he will be just fine. It will be interesting to see how he does this year in his new coaching job.


Would you play for a Coach as Strict as Deion Sanders?


Do you think that he is too strict?

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  • Interesting topic and am a huge fan of Neon Deon! Well done!

  • I think deion is a mid coach, I do not think he is too strict I think he pushes his kids just like he was pushed to be good. That is how he was raised and taught the harder you work the better you are but his group of kids now are too soft compared to how he was taught.

  • I don't think Deion is too strict. I think kids are just soft and want their way right away and not have to work for it. I think kids need to learn more tough love and will appreciate coach Prime in the end.

    • I agree with you. I like how much discipline he brings to the Colorado football program. 

  • I don't think I would want to play for Deion Sanders. I think that he has to big of an ego and is too strict. I think that all coaches should be strict, however, I think that Deion Sanders just simply takes it too far, like the socks in the weight room.

    • I think he is a good coach but I do think that he is strict but I also think that he is a good football coach.

  • I would still play for deion sanders because he obviously knows what he is talking about with football from having a great hall of fame career in the NFL.    I personally do not think that he is too strict becasue he may want a certain dress code but that just teaches dicipline and routine.

    • I agree with you. I think that it would be an honor to play for an NFL hall of famer.

  • I don't think there is anything wrong with Deion Sanders, but I do think that he is strict. I see why people are transferring out, but I think that he is a good coach, and he knows what it takes to win. I think that the transfer portal is a good thing for them because it's allowing them to bring in more talent.

    • I think that he is a good coach and he is very strict but I think that he is a good addition to the Colorado Football Program.

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